Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher ABE

The dry chemical powder fire extinguisher is a highly versatile medium for combating most types of fire risks A,B,C,E often referred to as ABE dry chemical powder fire extinguishers). Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers are safe, versatile and suited to high risk environments or where the fire hazards are mixed. They are particular suited to spillages of flammable liquids and fires involving, flammable gases and are ideal for fires in vehicles. Dry powder fire extinguishers do not conduct electricity. They provide the extinguisher user with a protective heat shield that effectively puts out the fire. The dry powder fire extinguisher is very effective on flammable liquids, electrical fires and gases. ABE extinguishers are also suited for smaller contained area such as in your house, kitchen, garage, truck, bus, boat, caravans or camper van.

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