Fire alarm services to protect people and property

Aegis Safe can install, repair, service and maintain your fire alarm systems. We provide these services on all types of fire alarm systems including:

  • Thermal & Smoke Detection Systems
  • Aspirating (VESDA) Smoke Detection Systems
  • Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems

It’s extremely important that your fire detection and warning systems are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working as expected. Following your fire alarm service, by one of our certified service technicians, you will be provided with a comprehensive report.

Fire alarm service report

  • The service actions performed.
  • The current condition and performance level of the fire system.
  • An overview of any new rule or regulation that may impact the system.
  • Suggestions for upgrades or modifications.

Fire alarm servicing requirements

  • Your fire alarm systems must be tested monthly. This is a requirement of the Australian Standards 1851 section 6.
  • A yearly evaluation and assessment of a percentage of thermal and smoke detectors is also necessary.

These alarm inspections offer peace of mind, so you know early warning and detection systems are running as they should be.

Our main fire alarm testing service areas

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We make sure your fire alarm and fire detection systems are ready to perform when you need them most.

You can rely on our team of skilled and professional technicians to provide the best possible service. They have extensive knowledge and experience, which means they're happy to answer any questions you might have about your legal fire safety obligations.

When there's a fire, every second will count.

The earlier that the fire can be detected means that people can get to safety faster. This significantly reduces the risks and harm to your business, property and most importantly, the people.

Aegis Safe can install, service, test and maintain your fire alarm and detection systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire indicator panels and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS).

Maintenance of fire alarm safety systems and equipment

Faulty, outdated, or ineffective fire systems and equipment can lead to a fire that will hastily spread through the entire premises, impacting your assets, and putting lives at risk.

Aegis Safe provides a specialist approach to your fire alarm needs, with the aim of making property fire alarm protection and compliance quicker, easier and better value for your money.

Our qualified fire alarm service technicians can provide unparalleled fire alarm services in the areas of sales, installation, service and routine maintenance across all areas of fire alarms and fire protection including residential, commercial and industrial.

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Fire Alarm Services

Sales & Installation

Our expert fire alarm team will install, service, test and maintain your fire alarm system in accordance with regulations as well as your specific designs and plans.

Servicing & Maintenance

Your fire alarm and detection systems need to be serviced at regular intervals. We make this easy and cost effective for you.

Certificates & Documentation

We provide all required documentation from fire alarm installation certificates to annual fire safety statements & maintenance records.

Industry Capabilities

We will fulfill your requirements for any sized job. We have the expertise to service a small fire alarm system or a complete fire alarm system fitout.

Complete fire alarm services for a wide range of fire equipment

Fire alarm panels

Sprinkler systems

Smoke detectors

Heat detectors

Fire pumps

Emergency warning

Fire doors

Fire hydrants

And more...


If you’re ready to get started, contact us today. Or get in touch to get a free quote for your fire alarm services.

Aegis Safe maintain, service, design and install fire alarm systems for a variety of building types and businesses including commercial, residential, industrial and special use buildings and complexes.

We provide fire alarm services mainly throughout Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast although we do carry out installation services Australia wide. We take pride in the quality of our fire alarm services and products.

Fire alarm routine maintenance

Aegis Safe’s routine maintenance program is comprised of regular assessment and servicing of equipment (like fire detection systems and extinguishers) so that they operate as they should, adhere to all associated Australian standards, and last for as long as they were built to.

Our skilled technicians do the following as an aspect of this maintenance program:

  • Assess all systems and equipment to ensure they comply with Australian standards;
  • Replace and fix equipment and parts where necessary; and
  • Document all work executed and release a certificate of inspection.

Assessing smoke alarms

We assess smoke alarms, regardless if they are Standalone 10-year batteries, 240v, or wired up to a fire alarm system.

Investing in ongoing fire alarm services gives you insurance that your employees (or tenants) will be notified if a fire ignites in your structure. Occupants of a building are at risk if there is a lack of a functional smoke alarm installed in your premises.

Without working alarms:

  • You are 57% more inclined to endure property damage and loss.
  • Occupants of the property are 26% more inclined to endure serious injuries.

How frequently should I schedule fire alarm testing?

Understanding your responsibilities is a vital aspect of fire safety. Besides ensuring the continued safety of your structure, we can aid you in ensuring that you’re compliant with assessment standards. How often you should perform these tests will be contingent on the location and nature of your structure.

Along with assessing your smoke detectors, your current smoke detection system should be able to run quickly in early cases of ignited fires. Air movement patterns can differ per building, which can compromise the speed of smoke detector functionality.

Our technicians can conduct an air motion smoke assessment inside the building to determine how fast the existing smoke detection system is responding, and if extra smoke detectors might be necessary.

Is your fire alarm system properly maintained?

Assets, property, and people are supposed to be protected by fire alarm systems. You can’t determine if they are completely functional by giving them a quick once-over. Electronics and their parts can degrade as time progresses, which can negatively impact the system’s operation. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can lead to issues with smoke detectors. Factors like renovation, vandalism, and poor maintenance can also harm fire protection equipment. Fortunately, with correct assessment, evaluation, and maintenance, your fire alarm system can operate optimally. Besides verifying protection, maintaining the condition of your system minimizes costs by stopping emergency repairs and false alarms from happening.

Where to begin

Understanding the system’s maintenance history and age will tell you what steps to take to keep it operating as it should. Systems younger than five years warrant minimal maintenance. In such newer systems, issues tend to stem from marginal installation (like incorrect grounding) or atmospheric aspects (like voltage transients). Scheduled system assessments and evaluation by qualified experts can isolate those kinds of issues.

Systems that are five to ten years old might endure breakdowns of components triggered by regular but harsh environmental aspects. Temperature, voltage fluctuations, and humidity might result in alarm issues or system failures.

Systems that are ten to fifteen years old still offer suitable life-safety responses. You might need to keep your eye on systems this old, though, even if you have existing maintenance steps implemented. If the system has undergone little-to-no maintenance, expect component failures and incorrect tracking of system components to happen at some point.

Systems older than twenty years might be using outdated technology. The system might keep working as it should if it is maintained right, but you will require assessment and evaluation by trained experts to make sure correct system responses happen in emergency situations.

The instructions

The fire alarm system maintenance actions can be summarized in five steps.

  • Assess and configure alarm sensors, like smoke detectors, heat detectors and flame detectors, as specified by the manufacturer. This warrants an understanding about the various sensors, along with their assessment and reinstallation requirements, along with failure modes.
  • Annunciators should be assessed, and inputs simulated. This warrants a certain understanding of the system in question.
  • Set sensitivity. This warrants knowledge of the specific system, the particular application, and history of fire detection.
  • Assess the system input by collaborating with the fire
  • Have a look at the battery for the expiration date and corrosion, then take the relevant steps.

These instructions might seem like common sense, assuming you have a fundamental understanding of such equipment. History shows that maintenance technicians working under pressure to maintain operation of production equipment tend to neglect vital details if they don’t find anything broken.

Guidelines and standards

Many system manufacturers advise a minimum of one complete annual assessment and evaluation after the original installation. Numerous groups, agencies, and local authorities suggest - and in several scenarios, insist - on assessing intervals. The standard handles the installation, application, maintenance, and performance of protective signaling systems and their elements. In the standards document, a table is multiple pages and is comprised of batteries, generators, interface equipment, and more aspects of alarm and fire detection systems.

For the most part, the standards go over all the essential requirements. That said, not every fire alarm is subjected to the same ambient and environmental conditions. With that, manufacturers’ service groups could suggest evaluations and maintenance steps that surpass traditional guidelines and standards.

Fire alarm system maintenance

Besides the age of the system, you need to think about staffing and budget resources. Does your team have enough expertise and time to correctly maintain this important life-safety system? What is more cost-efficient for maintenance performance - a contractor or manufacturer’s service group that specializes in fire alarms? The strictest guidelines and standards don’t mean anything if those conducting the evaluation, assessment, and maintenance are not qualified for fire alarm system servicing.

Facility maintenance employees usually don’t have the understanding or experience that manufacturer’s service technicians do. The latter has duties that encompass fire alarm system technology in numerous situations and settings. Several facilities have addressed this issue by making their staff take factory-sponsored training lessons. If this is done regularly, the method is effective.

The training problem can be resolved via a factory service agreement. These can vary from a fundamental on-call agreement to ongoing service visits. Emergency service that provides 24/7 4 and 8-hour response windows are a viable option in many service arrangements. This service tends to offer a response within the allocated window, in addition to equipment replacement and repair. Quick emergency response times are just about the same for lodging and healthcare fields due to around-the-clock occupancy by employees, guests, and patients.

For many facilities, it is practical to have that function contracted out. Prior to signing a maintenance agreement, you should make sure a certified technician is involved. Certification implies a detailed understanding of system installation and life cycle evaluation, assessment, and maintenance protocols.

The most optimized fire alarm system can be rendered useless if it is poorly maintained. Every month, fire alarm technicians should learn about fire catastrophes that a properly maintained system could have stopped. They should also learn about fires where correctly functioning systems minimized business interruption and saved lives. When you are on a tight budget, you might be quick to assume that a fire won’t occur in your building, and subsequently, postpone getting fire protection. With that in mind, courts have time and again ruled against individuals who have made these choices and held both them and management accountable criminally and personally.

Makes sure your fire protection systems function as they should, even if that means exceeding your budget.

In addition to our fire alarm services we provide total servicing for the following:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Deluge and water spray or mist systems
  • Fixed and portable fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrant
  • Fire hose reels
  • Fire alarm panels
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Smoke detectors
  • Emergency Lights
  • Fire blankets
  • Heat detectors
  • Fire doors
  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire pumps

Fire alarm installations

With our fire alarm system installations, you can rest assured that Aegis Safe personnel will perform all work to in a timely and efficient manner and ensure that the job meets compliance standards. Following your installation, we will provide you with all relevant certification documentation.

Our planned and preventative fire alarm system maintenance services will be individually tailored to your specific requirements based on your building type, your environment and your particular fire alarm system installed.

Regular fire panel and fire alarm inspections, tests and services are a building code requirement and can also prolong the life of your equipment.

We pride ourselves on our loyal customer base who stay with Aegis Safe due to our quality workmanship and customer service.

As part of our fire alarm system maintenance, your fire detection systems will be maintained according to AS 1851, by qualified technicians and in accordance with Australian Standards, which includes monthly testing and annual certification.

Fire Alarm System Services: Assessment, Evaluation, and Maintenance

We offer thorough maintenance services for fire and smoke detection systems, including addressable, conventional, and EWIS systems.