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Aegis Safe deliver affordable fire protection services. Regardless of whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, our fire suppression service division has the expertise you need to install, service and maintain your fire suppression systems.

Automated fire suppression systems are an essential component for keeping fires at bay in heavy machinery and large vehicles.

With the right fire suppression system in place, even the quickest developing fires can be contained before your machinery or vehicle parts have been seriously damaged.

If you require an automatic fire suppression system for a vehicle or heavy machinery, it's important to understand how these systems work and what types of benefits they provide.

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Our fire service technicians deliver services across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


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How Our Fire Suppression Servicing and Testing Helps You

Automatic fire suppression systems are highly effective at putting out fires as they occur. It's essential that the system is always operational and working as intended. To make sure that your fire suppression system is working properly, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Our technicians can work with you to make sure maintenance work is coordinated correctly and that service schedules are adhered to. This should keep downtime at a minimum and allow the necessary labor and parts to be available when scheduled.

The many fire suppression services available from us include:

  • Routine testing services
  • Pressure testing and recharging cylinders
  • Basic system discharge tests
  • Making upgrades to existing systems and performing comprehensive design for new installs
  • Auditing current fire suppression systems via a combination of fixed installations and mobile equipment

We use modern digital software to finalize service reports and make sure that asset maintenance history is updated and that OHSE requirements are adhered to.

Vehicle Fire Suppression System Maintenance and Service

Every technician we hire is qualified to perform the service and maintenance work required for automated fire suppression systems. This work extends to full installs, preventive maintenance, corrective repairs, regular inspections, and routine testing.

The qualifications that our employees have include:

Vehicle Systems Technicians

  • CPPFES2027A Inspect, test and maintain Non-Gaseous, Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems
  • Certificate II Fire Protection and Testing
  • EAHL

Fixed Plant & Special Hazards

  • Certificate II Fire Protection and Testing
  • Certificate III Fire Protection
  • EAHL

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Fire Suppression Systems for Heavy Machinery and Vehicles

Most systems that would qualify as heavy machinery are expensive, which means that purchasing this equipment was likely a notable investment for your company. Nearly all forms of vehicle equipment that are used within industrial, manufacturing, and mining applications are highly flammable.

The high likelihood of a fire developing within this machinery is caused by internal components that move quickly as well as the use of flammable substances like gas and oil. You can keep your equipment in good condition and suppress fires before they cause damage by selecting an automatic fire suppression system.

When a fire develops, the fire suppression system that you've installed will automatically sense the fire and suppress it rapidly. This results in the flames being put out before they are able to spread. Because of the immediate move to suppress fires, the fire suppression system you select should be among the more effective pieces of technology for keeping your heavy machinery safe and for protecting your investment.

As for non-gaseous pre-engineered fire suppression systems, these systems are designed to be used on certain vehicles, which include off-road and on-road vehicles used in the forestry, mass transit, and waste management industries. If it's believed that there's a substantial risk for a fire on a specific vehicle, these fire suppression systems can be installed. There are several risk factors that should be taken into account, which include:

  • Occupant risk - If the vehicle's size, operation, or layout places the occupant at risk, a fire suppression system could prove useful.
  • Vehicle risk - Because of how expensive part repairs can be for certain vehicles, having the right fire suppression system installed could be a wise investment. With this system installed, you're able to mitigate the risk of lower productivity in the event that the vehicle is damaged.
  • Additional risk factors - Without a fire suppression system in place, other individuals, infrastructure, or vehicles in the nearby vicinity could be damaged.


How Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Work

Before you purchase a fire suppression system, you should know that there are many different types of fire suppression systems, which include everything from mist and water sprinklers to dry chemical, foam and gaseous fire suppression systems. In order for a system to be classified as an automatic fire suppression system, it must:

  • React immediately to the development of a fire without requiring human intervention
  • Contain a suppression agent cylinder
  • Contain a detection element, which is usually a smoke detector or pneumatic tubing

The majority of these systems consist of a manual release or pressure switch as well, which delivers enhanced fire protection. If the system you choose is outfitted with a pressure switch, your heavy machinery can be shut down instantly once a fire has been detected. As for the manual release, this form of technology allows a human to activate the fire suppression system in the event that the system doesn't automatically activate itself.

While fire suppression systems are ideal for putting out fires across many different applications, they are especially useful at protecting large vehicles and heavy machinery. Keep in mind that these systems can begin to suppress fires before they are even detected by humans.


Importance of Protecting Your Heavy Machinery with a Suppression System

As touched upon previously, each piece of heavy machinery makes for a sizable investment, which is why it's important that you do what you can to protect the machinery and your investment. Installing a fire suppression system will also protect the individuals who work with the machinery on a daily basis. Automatic fire suppression systems can be used with numerous heavy machinery applications, which extend to spacious communication centers and large construction vehicles.

Finding “Fire Suppression Services Near Me”

If you own a vehicle that has a fire suppression system in need of testing services, your first step was probably to search for “fire suppression near me.” Now, you know that there is a local company providing both fire suppression services Brisbane and fire suppression services Gold Coast. We have the range to serve clients in the city as well as the surrounding regions.


Fire Suppression Systems Brisbane

The best way to do that is by using a fire safety service. With a commitment to our clients and constant attention to detail, we’ve become one of the premier providers of fire services Brisbane.


Fire Suppression Systems Gold Coast

Fires are also liable to strike in vehicles and heavy machinery that's located outside of the city. That’s why we provide fire suppression services to the entire Gold Coast. We don’t mind if you’re in the city or a distance out in the country. Our goal is to install the necessary suppression systems, conduct the routine maintenance services, and do whatever else it takes to keep your vehicles safe.


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Don’t let your building go unprotected. Property, profits, and even lives are at stake. By hiring a fire protection service, you’ll take care of all fire safety measures in a single move. From installing fire extinguishers to teaching you how to use them, there’s nothing we won’t do to keep you and your property safe. Contact us today to get started.

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