Fire Door Services - Installation, Testing and Certification

The Aegis Safe fire doors team pride themselves on providing exceptional service and reliability. We are able to provide free quotes and advice on all jobs relating to fire rated doors, timber fire doors, fire door frames and fire door hardware.

Fire door services

Installation, testing, maintenance & repairs of:

  • Fire doors
  • Fire door frames
  • Fire door hardware

We service metal fire door frames, hinged fire doors and sliding fire doors, external and internal doors.

Contact us today for fire door prices, fire door frame prices and fire door service prices.

Our range of fire resistant doors have been designed for easy installation.

Types of fire doors we service:

  • fire resistant doors
  • fire rated doors
  • fire exit doors
  • metal fire doors
  • timber fire doors
  • double fire doors
  • internal fire doors
  • external fire doors

We provide competitive fire door prices and fire door certification. We carry out fast fire door installation, fire door testing, fire door inspections. Upon completion of your fire door installation we will install the fire door tag and provide fire door certification.

Fire door service areas:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Northern New South Wales

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Fire door safety

We provide fire doors that are designed to save lives and property. If there’s fire or smoke, you can use our fire doors as passive fire protection.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of fire protection when it comes to the safety of a building. Fire can spread very fast and most of the materials you find in homes and offices are flammable.

"A fire door is the best way to delay and inhibit the spread of fire."

Below are the most important functions of fire doors:

• To make sure the smoke and fire is contained
• To make it easier to escape from the building

The quality of our fire doors and our expert knowledge are some of the reasons why our customs continue to remain loyal to us.

Our ability to provide reliable fire door services and peace of mind for our customers are some of the factors that have helped build our reputation over the years.

Fire rated doors

A fire rated doorset consists of a door leaf, door frame, with hardware such as closers, handles, locks, vision panels, air grilles, and is defined under Australian Standard AS1905.1.

Fire rated doorsets must be self closing and self latching to be certified and when installed correctly with approved hardware, a tag and certificate is issued for the fire door frame and the fire door.

Residential building fire doors

Fire doors are supposed to serve a purpose if there’s ever a fire. It might come clad in metallic skins and a range of timber to help it blend with other doors or stand out to highlight the fact that it is an exit. Fire doors are often manufactured to suit different configurations.

We offer an array of fire door products and customized fire door services ranging from fire rated hardware to fire door seals.

Our fire doors have all been tested and certified to meet Australian Standards. We have an efficient staff that can make the customized fire door available within the shortest possible time.

Our fire doors are designed to meet the highest standards in Australia.

They come in different materials, fire ratings and sizes.

They also come with hinge reinforced plates, steel locking system and door closer.

We also have fire doors with solid cores and block board pine cores and you can use any veneer you like for the finishing. These types of fire doors can be used as external doors. We can either supply and install a brand new collection of standard solid core doors or decide to make customized solid core fire doors in line with your specifications.

Our services extend to residential apartment building, government buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, etc.

Fire door frames

The frame is a very important component of any fire door installation. Every fire door frame must be supplied, installed and also maintained to meet all the necessary fire door standards.

Most of these frames are made from metal. Rust is a common problem of fire door frames. The hinges of fire door frames might need to be adjusted as time goes on.

Our fire doors are manufactured with very high quality materials and have a great lifespan.

At Aegis Safe, we provide good quality fire doors and offer our customers the option of installing air grills, window panels and mouldings. We can also offer you assistance with fire rated panels that have up to four hour ratings. These panels can either be hinged or screwed. If you’re looking for quality fire door services, then Aegis Safe is your best bet.
We’ll help you handle the installation of your fire doors; we also provide testing services for high rise buildings, strata buildings, industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

Our fire doors are perfect for different applications and can be used in nursing homes, strata management industries, councils, hospitals, construction and buildings.

We’ll also make sure you get a free quote for your personal fire door project.

Our services are top notch, and our prices are very competitive, which is why we’re one of the top fire door service providers around. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for your fire door projects.

Sliding fire doors

If you have limited space for swinging or require maximum space for opening when moving plant and equipment, sliding doors are your best option. You can activate the installation of sliding fire doors using smoke detectors, thermally released links, or fire alarm systems capable of incorporating magnetic hold-open devices installed to help the fire door remain open.

Fire door installation

We specialize in the supply and installation of fire doors. We have a team that is highly specialized when it comes to supplying and installing fire doors.

We have what it takes to provide personalized and professional services including accurate delivery schedule and high quality services.

Our team is experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the fire door industry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any question about the installation, supply, testing, repair, or certification or inspection of fire doors.

Competitive upfront pricing

Phone and email support

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Easy booking system

Approved to Australian Standards

Minimum disruption to your schedule

Fire door services

Sales & Installation

Our expert installation team will install your fire doors in accordance with standards as well as your specific designs and plans.

Service & Maintenance

Fire doors need to be inspected, tested and serviced at regular intervals. We make this easy and cost effective for you.

Testing & Inspections

We will test all your fire doors to ensure they are maintained to professional standards.

Certificates & Documentation

We provide all required documentation from fire door log books to annual fire safety statements & maintenance records.

Features of fire doors

• Tailor-made fire doors
• Edge strips with internal timber
• Availability of 1,2,3,4 hour service door sets
• Steel reinforcement for all hardware locations
• Availability of detailed data sheets for all fire doors, their frames and their installations
• Tested and approved fire door designs

Below are the available action and configuration options

• Single action, single leaf, left or right hand
• single action, two leaf
• double action, single leaf
• double action, two leaf
• sliding, single leaf

In addition, we also install, repair, test and certify a broad range of fire doors in different applications in industrial, residential and commercial sectors.
Our goal at Aegis Safe is to offer you professional services and affordable fire door services and other fire rated door products.

Our services cover one, two, three and four hour fire door sets, all designed to handle industrial, residential and commercial applications.
In addition to all that, Aegis Safe will offer you excellent advice on your fire door requirements and provide you with the necessary technical data.
We can provide timber frames or fire rated steel for our fire rated doors, depending on your choice.


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