Fire sprinkler system services to protect people and property

Aegis Safe deliver affordable fire sprinkler system services across South East Queensland. Regardless of whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, our fire sprinkler system service division has the expertise you need to install, test, service and maintain your fire sprinkler system.


Be confident that you are purchasing fire extinguisher products that are certified and approved to Australian Standards and meet  specification. These can be customised to meet your specific business needs. We deliver affordable and certified annual fire safety statement.


Our fast response times mean that you won't have any disruption to your day to day trading. Whether it is providing advice and feedback, quoting, carrying out fire sprinkler system testing services or providing final certificates, you will have the confidence that your job will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.


Scheduling service for your fire protection services should be simple and easy. That’s why we offer flexible, convenient appointment times that can be worked around your schedule! We are providing specifications for each component of the system and how it works: like how sensitive the smoke detectors are, what are fire doors made of and what is fire extinguishing testing cost. Our fire hydrants design is flexible and copes with changes.


We make sure you know exactly what you are paying for your fire sprinkler system ahead of time. Which fire safety services this system is authorising? Thanks to our upfront, competitive pricing model, you can rest assured knowing you’ll pay an affordable price for any service we perform. Our team is performing fire extinguisher testing courses at regular intervals of time.

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Fire sprinkler system services for a wide range of applications

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are also known as a wet pipe systems. They are widely regarded as the most effective method of controlling fires that may be caused by a wide range of hazards. Aegis Safe have decades of proven experience and can help to protect you with our fire sprinkler system services. Our fire sprinkler systems services are designed to protect your business, employees and assets.

Sprinkler systems are designed and built to:

  1. Automatically detect a fire
  2. Transmit an alarm
  3. Control the fire

Sprinkler systems can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major business catastrophe. Our sprinkler system team is led by professional project manager who will help you with the design, install and commission of a cost-effective and reliable sprinkler system. The project manager will do this through careful analysis of  your buildings and your facilities. They will look at your occupancy, operations and your fire risks. We are able to deliver to you the best possible fire sprinkler system solutions due to our vast experience and financial stability. Aegis Safe is financially stable and , backed with our corporate resources gives us the advantage to be able to deliver the best possible fire safety solutions required.

We utilise the latest in fire safety equipment technology which enables us to tailor your fire sprinkler system to help meet your building and legal requirements.

Aegis Safe has you covered, from residential buildings to high rise apartments or commercial towers, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, libraries, industrial warehouses and storage facilities through to schools, universities and airports.

Competitive upfront pricing

Phone and email support

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Easy booking system

Approved to Australian Standards

Minimum disruption to your schedule

Fire sprinkler system services

Sales & Installation

Our expert installation team install fire sprinkler systems in accordance with regulations as well as your specific designs and plans.

Servicing & Maintenance

Your fire sprinkler system needs to be serviced at regular intervals. We make this easy and cost effective for you.

Certificates & Documentation

We provide all required documentation from installation certificates to annual fire safety statements & maintenance records.

Industry Capabilities

We will fulfill your requirements for any sized job. We have the expertise to service a small sprinkler system or a complete building fitout.

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