2 kg Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers with Vehicle Bracket

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2 kg Dry Chemical Powder ABE Fire extinguisher complete with hose and a wall bracket or vehicle mounting bracket for easy installation into your car, boat or caravan. This extinguisher is a perfect combination of size, cost and effectiveness for your fire protection needs whether that be in your office or when your out on the road. The 2kg Dry Chemical Powder is ideal for a small office, retail shop, bus or truck and comes equipped with a flexible rubber delivery hose that allows the powder to access hard to reach places in your office, shop or in engine bays.


2kg Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher includes:

  • 1 x 2kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher ABE
  • 1 x Vehicle Bracket
  • 1 x Maintenance Test Tag


    • Add the 2 signs required for installation
    • Inspect then stamp the maintenance tag
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2 kg Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

  • Certified and Approved to Australian Standards
  • Brand New
  • 12 Month Warranty

Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers are a highly versatile medium for combating most types of fire risks.  They are suited for fire types AE and often referred to as ABE Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher. This dry chemical powder fire extinguisher is safe, versatile and suited to high risk environments or where the fire hazards are mixed. They and are also ideal for fighting fires in vehicles. ABE dry chemical powder fire extinguishers do not conduct electricity and provide the extinguisher user with a protective heat shield. Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers are very effective on flammable liquids, electrical fires and gases.

This fire extinguisher has a hose that makes it suitable for use in small commercial vehicles.
AS2444 sect 5.4 states that a fire extinguisher for a commercial vehicle must have a hose so it can get access to hard to reach locations.

When to use:

2kg ABE Fire Extinguishers

  • Class A fires – Ordinary combustibles
  • Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Class E fires – Electrically energised equipment

This 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher can be used for floor areas up to 225m2 in accordance with AS2444:2001*

Where to use:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Workshops
  • Industrial units
  • Factories
  • Trucks
  • Buses

What is included:

  • 2kg Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher (ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher)
  • Fire Extinguisher maintenance tag/test tag
  • Vehicle bracket

Technical information

Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1841.5

 Extinguisher Type  2kg Dry Chemical Powder ABE
 Agent Capacity  2kg
 Agent Type  Dry Chemical Powder ABE
 Total Mass  3.8kg
 Fire Rating  3A:30B:E
 Approvals  AS/NZS 1841.5
 Pressure  1400kPa
 Discharge Time  11.3 seconds
 Dimensions: Height  402mm
 Dimensions: Diameter  110mm
 Cylinder Pressure Test  5 yearly
 Periodic Pressure Test  2.5MPa
 Construction: Cylinder  Steel
 Construction: Valve  Brass
 Finish: Cylinder  Powder Coated Red
 Finish: Valve  Nickel Plated Brass
 Finish: Handle  Powder Coated Red/Stainless  Steel


General information

This dry chemical fire extinguisher can be used on fires involving flammable liquids and gases like petrol, LPG, oil and paint.  And as mentioned previously it can be used on live electrical equipment fires as well as with ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, plastics, textiles and rubber.

The 2kg Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher is the most common type of fire extinguisher. It works by discharging a very fine powder that absorbs fuel molecules which chokes the fire of a fuel source. This fire extinguisher comes with free fire tag and keyring. For the best in fire protection supplies, buy online from Aegis Safe now.

This type of fire extinguisher is often referred to as ABE Dry Powder fire extinguisher, or ABE dry chemical fire extinguisher.

Note for Tow Truck Operators

NSW Tow Truck Industry Regulation 2008, Part 5 Clause 44:

(2) It is a condition of a licence to do accident towing must be equipped with:

(b) a foam or dry powder fire extinguisher of at least 2 kg capacity, and that the fire extinguisher is maintained in a serviceable condition.

Where not to use:

This dry powder fire extinguisher is not recommended for use on or nearby sensitive equipment such as computers etc. The residue can be vacuumed up once it has dried but it can be hard to remove if it has contacted a very hot surface.

This fire extinguisher is not suitable for fires involving cooking oil / fats.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg


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