Fire Safety Services

Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping your business, home and family safe from fires.

Our fire safety services include:

  • Fire safety management plans
  • Fire and evacuation plans
  • Evacuation diagrams

Fire training

  • General evacaution fire training
  • Fire warden training
  • Chief warden training
  • First reponse fire training
  • Online fire training

Fire escape plan

A building fire evacuation plan can save lives. All businesses should have a clear evacuation plan that is known to each employee.

Home safety

Most fatal fires are accidental and preventable. Fire home safety is about protecting you, your family and your home.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are devices that detect smoke and sound an alarm, giving you valuable time to escape during a fire. Knowing how to install and maintain your smoke alarm could save your life.

Get out and stay out

During a fire, you have up to 2 minutes after the alarm before flames or smoke threaten your life. It's critical to be prepared by practicing an escape plan ahead of time. Get out and stay out.