Emergency and Exit Light Testing Services

Professional Emergency Exit Light Testing Services

Our specialist emergency light service team accurately installs and services a wide variety of emergency lighting. Emergency and exit light testing is one of our specialist fire services.

Our emergency lighting services include:

  • emergency light sales & installation
  • replace emergency lights
  • emergency light testing services
  • exit light testing services
  • emergency light logbooks and documentation

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Why Must Lighting Be Tested?

Normal lighting typically works without interruption, so many people wonder why it is necessary to perform such rigorous emergency and exit light testing. After all, if ordinary fixtures rarely malfunction, we should expect even greater reliability from lights that are built for such an important task.

It is true that problems are rare with quality lights, but the impact is very high if something does go wrong. Emergency and exit lights are complex devices. They include the standard wiring and bulbs that ordinary lights have but also include a rechargeable battery as well as circuitry that activates the light when an emergency takes place.

If any part of the unit is not in top condition, there could be a failure that endangers occupants as they attempt to exit. That is why professional exit and emergency light testing is critical for life safety, and that is why building codes and standards in Australia require regular testing.

The Importance of Emergency and Exit Lighting

When a power outage occurs in a building, its occupants need to evacuate. This process is more difficult and dangerous if corridors are dark and exits are hard to see. The result is a disorderly evacuation process that could lead to injuries and even deaths. Grid failures, severe weather, and malfunctions in the building can all create this very real hazard.

When the power failure is a result of fire, the problem is compounded. Smoke makes the loss of visibility even more severe and adds an immediate danger to life. An efficient emergency exit system is vital for life safety.

That is why emergency lights and exit lights are required in public buildings. They provide lifesaving guidance to those inside the building, allowing them to find exits quickly and safely. Because this function is so important, these critical safety features must be properly maintained to ensure reliable performance in an emergency. That is what we do.

Where Are Emergency and Exit Lighting Required?
The National Construction Code in Australia specifies the buildings that must have emergency and exit lighting, but in general, you'll see them in most any building other than private residences occupied by the owner.

Emergency lighting will be present in places like schools, shopping centres, churches, hotels, hospitals, bars, restaurants, and sporting venues. Buildings that are being converted from an exempt use to a use that requires emergency and exit lighting will require exit light installation before occupancy is permitted.

Can Building Managers Perform Testing?

While many emergency and exit lights include basic maintenance steps for owners and facility managers to follow for routine testing, the only way to have the required testing done is to have the work done by a QBCC licenced contractor.

As we just noted, emergency and exit lights are more complicated than ordinary fixtures. The entire unit must be ready to operate perfectly with a split second's notice. Our technicians are trained and equipped to perform the necessary diagnostic tests and, when necessary, to make the proper repairs to keep the unit in operation and the facility in compliance with construction codes. Violations can not only lead to fines and potential issues with continued occupancy but also create a serious safety hazard to employees, residents, and visitors of the building.

What is Involved in Emergency and Exit Light Testing?

Our technicians understand all code requirements established for exit and emergency light testing. They will perform these tests in your building quickly and efficiently with the least possible disruption to normal operations.

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 2293.2, requires that the lights be tested every six months. This provides the maximum possible opportunity to identify and correct problems before they have time to pose a safety risk to building occupants.

The first step our team performs is a visual inspection of the fixtures. Fluorescent lights become black and discolored when the tubes no longer work, so our technicians examine each one to determine whether any of them need replacement before the test proceeds.

The next step is to perform a discharge test as required. This involves removing facility power from the light and waiting 90 minutes to ensure that the light operates continuously and with adequate brightness for that span of time. The discharge test duplicates the conditions of a prolonged power failure and verifies that the lights work normally in those conditions. Once the fixture has successfully completed the discharge test, it is returned to normal operating mode.

With certain types of emergency and exit lighting, facility power must be turned off to complete the discharge test. Because this is a disruptive activity, many facilities are upgrading to self-testing units that can simulate a power failure without leaving the entire building without electricity. In businesses, churches, and other non-residential buildings, test times can also be arranged to take place when few or no occupants are present so that the inconvenience is minimised.

What Documentation is Provided to Managers?

Each test is thoroughly documented in a logbook with a copy provided to the facility manager or building owner. The form includes the results of the discharge tests for each light, the condition of all bulbs in the fixtures, and an itemized list of all repairs that were required and completed.

Our workers will also discuss the overall compliance of the facility's network of safety features. If they determine that additional units would be beneficial for either safety or code compliance, they will advise the building's contact person of the upgrades or additional exit light installation that is necessary for optimum safety.

The safety of occupants and residents inside a public building is our highest priority. We will make sure that the entire array of emergency and exit lighting inside your facility is in top working order, and we will do so with the least possible disruption to operations and with the appropriate documentation to confirm your compliance with code. Contact us today to schedule testing.

Our emergency light testing and fire service team is lead by a professional project manager that is experienced in a wide range of building and construction projects.

Our emergency light service personnel are skilled tradespeople with significant experience in fire protection equipment and services.

Each fire technician takes pride in their work, ensuring minimum disruption to your operations while making sure that all emergency lights are installed and tested according to the building specification.

All of our electrical work is carried out to Australian Standards and Building Codes. The emergency lighting that we sell and service is of the highest quality and compliant to relevant standards.

Emergency Lighting Sales and Service Areas

We sell emergency lights in small or large quantities Australia Wide. Our lighting service division is currently available for most services in South East Queensland. Please contact us for pricing and quotes.

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Our expertise in emergency lighting includes all sales and service work for:

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Spitfire emergency lights

Emergency flood lights

Emergency oyster lights

Emergency batten lights


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