Smoke Alarm Testing Services

Make sure your house is safe and your smoke alarms are compliant with the Queensland State Laws.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are mandatory as part of Queenslands new fire safety laws.

With our specialist smoke alarm installation and maintenance, you can stay safe in your home with early warning in the event of a fire. You can also enjoy hardwired interconnected upgrades to make sure everyone is warned at the same time.

For the safety of everyone in your home, hardwired smoke alarms must be installed by a licenced electrician.

We can supply, install and test smoke alarms and heat alarms for all building types.

Our main smoke alarm service areas

You can rely on our team of skilled and professional smoke alarm technicians to provide the best possible service. They have extensive knowledge and experience, which means they're happy to answer any questions you might have about your legal fire safety obligations.

When there's a fire, every second will count.

The earlier that the fire can be detected means that people can get to safety faster. This significantly reduces the risks and harm to your business, property and most importantly, the people.

Aegis Safe can install, service, test and maintain your smoke alarms.

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Smoke alarm testing service price

Smoke alarm servicing from only $120. Contact us today to book in your service.

This includes:

  • Call out to regular service areas in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
  • Testing report issued.
  • Test and clean up to 5 smoke alarms.
  • Additional alarms $12 each.
  • Single property service.
  • Battery replacements from $10 each.
  • Smoke alarm compliance check.
  • Service reminders.

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Smoke Alarm Services

Smoke alarm maintenance

Faulty, outdated, or ineffective smoke alarms and other fire safety equipment can lead to a fire that will hastily spread through the entire premises, impacting your assets, and putting lives at risk.

Aegis Safe provides a specialist approach to your smoke alarm needs, with the aim of making property smoke alarm compliance quicker, easier and better value for your money.

Our qualified smoke alarm service technicians can provide unparalleled smoke alarm services in the areas of sales, installation, service and routine maintenance across all property types including residential, commercial and industrial.

Competitive upfront pricing

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Approved to Australian Standards

Smoke alarm services

Sales & Installation

Our expert smoke alarm team will install, service, test and maintain your smoke alarms in accordance with regulations as well as your specific designs and plans.

Servicing & Maintenance

Your smoke alarm need to be serviced at regular intervals. We make this easy and cost effective for you.

Certificates & Documentation

We provide all required documentation from smoke alarm installation certificates to annual test reports & maintenance records.

Industry Capabilities

We will fulfill your requirements for any sized job. We have the expertise to service a residential smoke alarm system or a complete smoke alarm system fitout for a building.


If you’re ready to get started, contact us today. Or get in touch to get a free quote for your fire alarm services.

Queensland smoke alarm rules

From December 31, 2021, all rental properties in Queensland must meet new regulations set by the government.

With approximately 500,000 rental properties in Queensland, there is a good chance that some of them will not be ready for the deadline.

  • Smoke alarms must be located:
    •  on each level
    •  in all bedrooms
    •  in hallways that connect bedrooms to the rest of the house
    •  if there's no hallway then between bedrooms and other parts of the storey
    •  if there are no bedrooms on a level then at least one smoke alarm must be installed along the most likely path of travel to exit the home
  •  All smoke alarms must be photoelectric.
  •  Smoke alarms must be hardwired to your home's mains power supply and have a battery backup, or be a 10-year non-removable lithium battery powered smoke alarm.
  •  Smoke alarms are required to be interconnected to every smoke alarm in the home. This is so that if one is triggered they will all activate together providing the best and earliest warning of a fire.
  •  Interconnection can be wired or wireless.

Aegis Safe maintain, service install smoke alarm systems for a variety of building types and businesses including commercial, residential, industrial and special use buildings and complexes.

We provide smoke alarm services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We take pride in the quality of our smoke alarm services and products.


Smoke alarm maintenance

Aegis Safe’s routine maintenance program is comprised of regular assessment and servicing of smoke alarms so that they operate as they should, adhere to all associated Australian standards, and last for as long as they were built to.

Our skilled technicians do the following as an aspect of this maintenance program:

  • Assess all systems and equipment to ensure they comply with Australian standards;
  • Replace and fix equipment and parts where necessary; and
  • Document all work executed and release an inspection report.


Smoke alarm compliance checks

We assess smoke alarms, regardless if they are Standalone 10-year batteries, 240v, or wired up to a fire alarm system.

Investing in ongoing smoke alarm services gives you insurance that your tenants will be notified if a fire ignites in their home. Occupants of a home are at risk if there is a lack of a functional smoke alarm installed.

Without working smoke alarms:

  • You are 57% more inclined to endure property damage and loss.
  • Occupants of the property are 26% more inclined to endure serious injuries.


How frequently should I schedule smoke alarm testing?

If you own a rental property, you are required to get the smoke alarms in your buildings tested at yearly intervals by a professional smoke alarm testing company.

You also require smoke alarm testing every time there is a change of tenancy.

Residential smoke alarms have to be replaced every 10 years.

For new and significantly renovated properties, the Building Code of Australia requires the installation of mains-powered smoke alarms.

You also need to remember that testing obligations differ based on the type of property and the location of your building.

Understanding your responsibilities as a landlord or homeowner is a vital aspect of fire safety. Besides ensuring the continued safety of your home, we can aid you in ensuring that you’re compliant with assessment standards. How often you should perform these tests will be contingent on the location and nature of your structure. Contact us today to find out your specific testing obligations.


Is your smoke alarm system properly maintained?

Assets, property, and people are supposed to be protected by smoke alarm systems. You can’t determine if they are completely functional by giving them a quick once-over.

Electronics and their parts can degrade as time progresses, which can negatively impact the smoke alarms operation.

Dirt, dust, and other contaminants can lead to issues with smoke detectors. Factors like renovation, vandalism, and poor maintenance can also harm fire protection equipment.

Fortunately, with correct assessment, evaluation, and maintenance, your fire alarm system can operate optimally. Besides verifying protection, maintaining the condition of your smoke alarm minimizes costs by stopping emergency repairs and false alarms from happening.


Smoke alarm installations

With our smoke alarm installations, you can rest assured that Aegis Safe personnel will perform all work to in a timely and efficient manner and ensure that the job meets compliance standards. Following your installation, we will provide you with all relevant certification documentation.

Our planned and preventative smoke alarm maintenance services will be individually tailored to your specific requirements based on your building type, your environment and your particular smoke alarms installed.

We pride ourselves on our loyal customer base who stay with Aegis Safe due to our quality workmanship and customer service.

The Importance of Smoke Alarm Testing Services in Australia

Smoke alarms are essential safety devices for homes and buildings. This is why there are specific regulations that require the installation of working smoke alarms in different types of buildings.

Aside from the devastating bushfires that happen every year, fire accidents in homes and other types of buildings can lead to injuries, loss of life and damage to property. By ensuring you have a working smoke alarm system, you can protect your home, building, occupants and other assets from the threat of fire.

Smoke detectors may be connected to fire alarms to alert you when smoke is detected in your building.

Your home or building can get engulfed by fire in minutes as it only takes two to three minutes for a small fire to burn down a room. Without functional smoke alarms you might not be alerted to the fire in time to escape safely. Moreover, there is a 26 per cent chance of you suffering from severe injuries and a higher risk of dying from a fire if you have defective smoke alarms.

By alerting you and other building occupants of the fire, you’ll have time to escape and call fire services immediately to prevent the spread of fire.


Other Benefits of Smoke Alarms

Aside from lifesaving early fire detection, smoke alarms provide the following additional benefits:

  • Reduction of the chance of smoke inhalation: A fire of any size — even a small one — can give off toxic fumes that building occupants can end up inhaling. If the fire happens at night when people are fast asleep and no one is aware of the fire accident, serious exposure to the smoke itself can prove fatal. With working, effective smoke detectors and alarms, building residents are alerted before the fire and smoke reach a dangerous level.
  • Lower rates of fire-related property damage: What could be more heartbreaking and miserable than seeing your property and assets being engulfed and destroyed by fire, not to mention the possibility of losing lives in the process? With smoke alarms in place, you can minimise the risks and damage that come with fire accidents.
  • Affordability and convenience: Investing in smoke alarms is a wise and lifesaving decision, as these devices are not only affordable but are also convenient and easy to maintain. Getting them installed by professionals also does not entail a significant outlay.
  • Minimised insurance risks and premiums: Having smoke alarms can actually help you reduce your insurance risks in relation to your property. In turn, this can lower your cover premium. Smoke alarms are required in many types of building structures. By having them on your property, you’ll be adhering to smoke alarm legislation and fire safety policies.

But beyond simply having smoke alarms installed in your property, you also need to ensure they are well-maintained and fully functional to actually benefit from them.

This is where smoke alarm testing services come in.


Smoke Alarm Testing Services

As they say, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

When it comes to fire prevention, the thorough testing and proper maintenance of smoke alarms help keep your property, assets, family, tenants or employees protected.

By enlisting the help of smoke alarm testing services, you get the assurance that your fire detection devices are always in good working order. In turn, this will minimise the risk of fire accidents happening.


Why Maintenance and Testing Are Essential

A lot of people tend to ignore their smoke alarms when there’s no trouble. This is why smoke alarms may not work when needed the most.

You need to remember that just like any other type of electronic device, smoke alarms require proper care and maintenance. Keeping a defective or malfunctioning smoke alarm in your premises can be a dangerous oversight, so they should always be in tiptop condition.


Tips on Proper Smoke Alarm Care

If you’re looking to ensure you have fully functional smoke alarms at home or in your building, observe the following tips:

  • Ensure properly powered. Since smoke alarms are battery-powered, you need to check if the battery powering yours is working. Consider the manufacturer’s recommendations for smoke alarm battery changes. If you use powered smoke alarms, make sure you change the batteries if they fail during smoke alarm testing. In general, however, most smoke alarm batteries require yearly battery replacement. To ensure optimum performance, only use quality batteries and have all smoke alarms tested after replacing their batteries. Also, be on the lookout for when the low-battery alarm beeps, and put new batteries in right away.
  • Follow testing requirements: Smoke alarms are required in many types of buildings, including residential properties. Although monthly testing is highly recommended, yearly testing by professional technicians is a must not only to ensure your fire alarms are all functional but also to get the batteries replaced regularly. If you own an apartment or rental property, you are required to get the smoke alarms in your buildings tested every time there is a change of tenancy. You also need to remember that testing obligations differ based on the type of property and the location of your building. For new and significantly renovated properties, the Building Code of Australia requires the installation of mains-powered smoke alarms. Meanwhile, household smoke alarms have to be replaced every 10 years.
  • Cleaning and care: Smoke alarms stop working when they get clogged with dust and dirt. Therefore, keeping your smoke alarms clean is essential. When cleaning your smoke alarms, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment is enough to keep the smoke alarm vents clear. You may do this once a year. You can also protect your smoke alarms from dust-generating activities (e.g., sanding or drywall installation) by keeping them covered with a plastic bag while work is ongoing. Also, you can prevent insects from nesting inside your smoke alarms by applying insect spray around them (never inside the device). Do not attempt to paint your smoke alarms, as doing so can cause clogging in the vents.
  • Smoke alarm replacement: Units that fail smoke alarm testing need to be replaced right away. Also, to be safe, working smoke alarms that are 10 years of age or more should be replaced with new ones. This is because the ageing components or parts in older smoke alarms increase the chances of device failure.


Considering State Requirements

Aside from ensuring the proper care, maintenance and periodic testing of smoke alarms in your home or building, you also need to be aware of the legally enforced legislation concerning these devices.

If you are a homeowner, landlord, tenant, real estate agent or property manager, you need to know the rules and regulations governing smoke alarms in your state. By having a complete understanding of the legal requirements in your area, you can have the confidence in knowing your properties are legally compliant.

Smoke alarms may be small devices, but they have a big role to play in minimising the chances of fire accidents happening.

By staying on top of smoke alarm care, maintenance and testing, you can sleep well at night knowing you have fully functional devices protecting your family, tenants, workers, assets and property from the threat of accidental fire.