What Is Fire Safety?

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Fire safety is a set of precautions that are taught and implemented to minimize and avoid the chances of fires that could lead to property and physical damage, injuries, death and community risks especially with uncontrolled fires. A person or a group with fire safety education will be able to address the risk with presence of mind and be more alert about fire safety system inside an infrastructure.

Any threat that causes fire is called a fire hazard.  Fire hazards could include situations in which the risk of fires could increase or reduce the likelihood of escape from a burning structure.

All buildings are expected to adopt and implement fire safety as part of building safety. Building inspectors who asses various violations of the fire code and offer educational services for children and professionals are also known as fire prevention officers. At the helm of the team is the chief of fire prevention who is responsible in providing updated and efficient training services as well as thorough inspections on numerous public structures.

Fire Safety for Homeowners

In order to reduce the risk of fire in a residential settlement and to survive from a burning home is preparation. Anyone in the house or unit should be aware about the risks present inside the hose and how to minimize such risks.

Do you know your roles and obligations if a fire started inside the house? Do your kids know about fire safety? Understanding fire safety rules and tips early on will be a great investment in ensuring that all members of the household will be safe from fire emergencies inside the house or any structure inside your private property. We provide annual fire safety statements and fire safety certificates for Sydney. Protect your business or property today with our fire extinguisher service Sydney.

Fire Prevention

The crucial aspect of practicing fire safety service is through localizing the fire and limiting its reach and possible damage. To do that, the members of the family, maintenance teams and building owners should know what unique risks are present in the home. We will also install fire extinguishers and carry out fire extinguisher services, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire extinguisher testing.

Keep in mind these essential tips:

Electrical Appliances, Cords, and Outlets

  • Make sure that all electrical appliances are in perfect condition with cords or plug not worn out or with frayed/exposed wires.
  • Check the outlets and avoid overloading them with electrical or electronic gadgets.
  • Extension cords should not be overused to prevent possible electrical fires.
  • Check the wattage of your bulbs if they are fit to your home’s electrical specifications/ compatibility.
  • Implement a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) inside your home. This is a popular option to avoid possibilities of electric shock as well as fires by shutting down faulty circuits.

Do a personal home fire safety inspection to get acquainted about possible problems. Unless you are educated and trained in handling electrical systems, never attempt to do any DIY projects involving electricity. According to studies, many homes with improperly installed electrical devices have a higher risk of fires.

Other tips:

  • Be wary of signs of overheat, mechanical and electrical wear and tear, and go to a professional repair specialist to address them.
  • Do not run your electric wires under the rugs or carpets.
  • Night lights, lamps and other light sources should not touch fabrics such as curtains, bedspreads and towels.
  • Take care when using electric blankets.
  • Kids should not be allowed to us any kitchen appliance on their own. Any project involving electrical or electronic items should be supervised by an adult
  • Cover unused outlets to prevent toddlers and young kids from placing their finger or toys, causing electrocution.

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