Home Fire Safety: Smoke alarms in your home

Smoke alarms in your home

Having working smoke alarms in your home is absolutely essential for protecting your family. A smoke alarm will provide you with an early warning and give you advice or extra time to escape from the house if there is a fire. Every home must have at least one working smoke alarm.

How to choose a smoke alarm and install it

  • Smoke alarms should be placed where you will be able to hear them especially while you sleep or when doors are closed.
  • If you’re home only has one level you should install the smoke alarm between the living room and the bedrooms.
  • If you’re home has multiple levels you should fit one alarm at the base of the stairs and additional alarms at each landing.
  • You should fit smart smoke alarms on the ceiling as close to the centre of the room, hallway or landing as possible. You should place to smoke alarm at least 30 cm away from the wall or any light fittings.
  • You should place the smoke alarm where it can be easily tested each week.
  • You should always follow the manufacturers instructions when you fit your smoke alarm or change the battery.

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Where you should not fit your smoke alarm

  • Do not think the smoke alarm in the kitchen all the bathroom or too close to it as it will constantly be set off while cooking or showered.
  • You should not fit a smoke alarm in your garage where it can be set off by car in sourced.
  • You should not think your smoke alarm on dusty or deep surfaces where it may fall down.Test your smoke alarm
You should ensure that your smoke alarm is tested regularly to make sure that it works properly.
Smoke alarm testingSmoke Alarms

Once a week

Your smoke alarm should be tested every week by pressing the test button. Each fire technician takes pride in their work, ensuring minimum disruption to your operations while making sure that all fire extinguisers are installed and tested according to fire extinguisher testing specifications. It will be cost-effective as we are providing affordable fire extinguisher testing cost.

Every six months

At six monthly intervals you should open up the case of the smoke alarm and vacuum inside it to remove any dust. If you cannot open your smoke alarm in vacuum through the holes.

Once a year

You must change the battery of your smoke alarm at least once a year or if it is a 10 year alarm at least once every 10 years.

Battery replacement

If the low battery warning sound occurs in your smoke alarm you must replace the battery. Your smoke alarm should be replaced with a new unit every 10 years.

Smoke alarms for hearing impaired

If you had difficulty hearing you can buy smoke alarms that has flashing lights or are vibrating pad.

Smoke alarms in the home

Video Transcription:

Smoke alarms are required by law. Look, they’re great. They’ve been around for years. As soon as they detect smoke in a room and sound really loud alarm. This is so important at night when you’re sleeping yet to this day New South Wales Fire and rescue attend housefires where there’re no working smoke alarms. It’s not just illegal. It’s dumb! Remember, fire can engulf a room in under three minutes. And yet, it could have been prevented in seconds.

You should always be a smoke alarm outside sleeping areas, including York caravan almost home. It’s not a bad idea to have a smoke alarm inside your bedroom as well just to be safe.

Smoke alarms should be kept dust free and tested once a month by pressing the test button with a  broom handle.
You will hear the smoke alarm for a few seconds and then it will stop. But if any time the smoke alarm chirps on its own this means the battery is nearly flat. You should change the battery in a smoke alarm every year and a common time to do this is at the end of daylight saving. Just remember when you change your clock , to be safe and calm, also change the battery in your smoke alarm.
I don’t like the look of this. I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when climbing a ladder is not a good idea. Fire and rescue New South Wales can help you. You can ring your local fire station and you can make an appointment for a firefighter to come to your place and change your smoke alarm battery for you. You just need to provide a battery or a battery operated smoke alarm and they’ll do the rest free of charge. This assistance is called the smoke alarm and battery replacement program. This is a good name for it isn’t it.
If you have trouble hearing a smoke alarm, there’re special ones with flashing lights I can sit on your bedside table. Some also have a vibrating pad that can be placed underneath your pillow.

Smoke alarms

One of the best ways to provide a warning of the fire is with a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms prevent injuries, minimise property damage and save lives by alerting occupants of a fire hydrant. Have a designated fire exit in the room.

There’re two main types of smoke alarms

The battery smoke alarm

The battery smoke alarm only requires a battery for operation it does not require any wiring. The smoke alarms are suitable for a easy installation on ceilings.

Wired smoke alarms

Wired smoke alarms are all connected throughout your home which means that when one is triggered by heat or smoke they will all sound a warning.

The benefits of working smoke alarm

A smoke alarm that is properly installed and maintain will work you and your family to a fire hazard. I workings smoke alarm is constantly on the work, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Smoke alarm constantly scanning the air for heat or smoke.

The national fire protection association states that nearly 2/3 of all home Firedance other results of fires that occurring properties that don’t have a working smoke a lot. They also state that having a smoke alarm can greatly increase your chance of surviving a fire in your home.

There’re two main types of smoke alarms: ionisation smoke alarm and photoelectric smoke alarm.

These different types of smoke alarms each has their own benefits. It is recommended that every residents be equipped with: both an ionisation and a photoelectric smoke alarm or

Smoke alarms with dual senses because they contain both ionisation and photoelectric senses.

Smoke alarms are either powered by battery or they are hardwired into the electrical system of the home. A battery-powered smoke alarm runs on a either a disposable 9 V battery or a nonreplaceable ten-year lithium battery.
These batteries must be tested on a regular basis and should be replaced at least once a year for the 9 V batteries or at least once every 10 years for the lithium batteries.

Smoke alarms are relatively cheap and well worth the money for the benefit they have been saving lives. We deliver affordable and certified annual fire safety statement. Protect your business or property today with our fire extinguisher service Sydney.

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