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Almost half of all fires in the home begin in the kitchen and a staggering 43% of all fire fatalities occur in winter. The key to surviving a house fire and reducing the risk of a fire occurring in your home is to be PREPARED. Every member of your household should understand that there are fire risks in your home and what you can do to minimise them.

Home Fire Safety Audit

Here is a free Home Fire Safety Audit that will help you to identify fire risks and help you to take action against fire risks in your home.


A house fire is one of the most devastating events that a family or an individual can experience. The home fire safety audit tool is here to increase awareness of fire safety and help reduce the risk of fire in the home.

The NSW fire brigade responded to more than 4500 house fires in 2009.  While many Australians know they have to “get down low and go go go” in a fire, they often forget other good fire safety behaviour.

Cooking is the leading cause of fire in the home in Australia. Faulty appliances, candles, overloaded electrical circuits and flammable liquids can all increase the risk of fire in the home.  The home fire safety audit is an easy to use online tool that guides families through the various rooms in their home. It helps to identify the fire risks that are particular to their home and their habits.  It takes you through each of your home including the kitchen, bedrooms, laundry and your garage.

We are committed to reducing the impact of emergency incidents. We are continuously researching fire safety programs and trying to find new ways to deliver important fire safety information.

Fire Safety at HomeThe home fire safety audit is a great example this.  This has been developed out of a joint initiative by Fire and Rescue NSW and GIO.  It has set a new standard of the way that fire safety information is delivered online. This audit works by taking the user through a virtual home and helps to identify

The audit works by taking users through a virtual home, identifying key fire risks and asking questions about fire related behaviour, which then provides personalised recommendations that allow them to address and minimise these risks.

It provides a rich interactive experience, which is customised to each user.  Users can register a username and password so that they can save their results, come back in the future and undertake another audit, and even email a friend or share their results via social networking sites like twitter and facebook.

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