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This article explains how becoming a Community Fire Unit Member you and your neighbours can build your resilience to bush fires.

Community Fire Unit members receive fire training and equipment that helps you to prepare yourself, your family and your home in preparation for the bushfire season.  It will allow you to make informed decisions about whether you have to leave early or stay and defend your property when a bushfire threatens.

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Your survival and safety will depend on the decisions you make and your preparation. You will need to prepare your property and be fully prepared to act in the event of a bushfire in order to survive.

Fire safety units are committed to identifying key community wants, needs as well as assessing the existing services and using that information to enhance community fire safety and fire prevention capability and improve service delivery to the community. The Fire Safety and Fire Training Branch is responsible for a range of functions.

Responsibilities include provision of support to improve:

  • Building Fire Safety
  • Community Education
  • Fire Investigation,Fire Cause Research as well asarson investigation techniques
  • Staff & Community Safety
  • Professional Development
  • Commercial Development

Do you live in a bushland area?

If you do, there is a chance that where you live is at risk of being impacted by a bushfire.

You and your neighbours could benefit from becoming a member of you local Community Fire Safety Unit.

Our Community Fire Safety Division has duties for all types of people whether you have a firefighting or a non-firefighting background. These people work closely together to use their specialist knowledge for the safety of our community. The different areas of fire safety are:

Building Fire Safety

Does the business premises you work in meet the requirements of the General Fire Regulations and the Building Regulations. If you are a business owner that would like more advice or audits to assess whether their buildings meet the requirements of fire safety legislation please contact one of our fire safety technicians today.

Community Education

There are community education programs, such as the School Fire Education Program for primary school children, the Juvenile Fire lighter Intervention Program for children who light fires, and Project WakeUp!, which helps people with disabilities and the elderly improve fire safety in their homes.

Aegis Safe Fire Equipment

Are you looking for help with fire extinguisher sales and servicing? Aegis Safe sells and fire protection services essential fire equipment such as hose reels, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms. Our team of Fire Extinguisher Technicians across the state assist businesses in making sure that their fire protection equipment is able to do its job in a fire emergency.

Aegis Safe Fire Training

What about the people who use fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers and emergency procedures when a fire breaks out in the workplace? These people need training to make sure they can respond effectively in an emergency.

Links to relevant sites that have more information on community fire safety:

General Fire Safety Regulations:

Make sure your fire systems are safe and compliant today!

Our fire services are designed to protect you and save you time, money and effort.

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