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Aegis Safe provides a specialist approach to your fire protection needs, with the aim of making property fire protection and compliance quicker, easier and better value for your money.

Our qualified fire protection service technicians can provide unparalleled fire protection services in the areas of sales, installation, service and routine maintenance across all area of fire protection including residential, commercial and industrial.

We provide fire protection services throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast although we do carry out installation services Australia wide. We take pride in the quality of our fire protection services and products.

We are committed to providing high quality supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all fire protection services and products with the guarantee of your satisfaction through our customer service, technical service and competitive pricing.

Aegis Safe maintain, service, design and install fire protection systems for a variety of building types and businesses including commercial, residential, industrial and special use buildings and complexes.

Fire Protection Services

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Heat and smoke detection systems
  • Fire pump and booster pumps
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency warning & evacuation systems
  • Aspirating smoke detection systems
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Compliance, testing and certification
  • Special Hazard solutions including pre-action systems, water spray systems, gaseous and foam suppression systems
  • Specialised fire protection

Aegis Safe Fire Protection Services

Aegis Safe fire protection services continue to provide premium fire protection services throughout the New South Wales and Queensland.

Fire protection services and rectification works are a difficult and sometimes overwhelming area of business for strata managers, building owners and body corporates. We make your compliance easy and hassle free with our specialised fire protection services.

Aegis Safe fire protection services offer complete fire protection services for your commercial, industrial and residential projects including design, documentation, and installation and servicing to relevant Australian Standards and BCA requirements.

The scope of services we can offer to you are as follows:

  • Design and consulting services
  • Industrial, commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems
  • Industrial, commercial and residential fire detection & fire alarm systems
  • 7 day emergency service
  • Testing and maintenance of wide variety of fire protection systems and equipment.
  • Annual fire safety statements and council certifications

Aegis Safe fire protection services continue to a leader in the industry and attribute our ongoing success to working closely with our clients to obtain the best possible fire system for their needs. We believe that Aegis Safe fire protection services bring a unique and innovative perspective to projects based on our vast experience and knowledge in the fire protection service industry.

Fire Protection Products

The fire protection products we supply, service and maintain are designed for both residential and commercial properties. Our fire protection products are certified and approved to Australian fire protection standards. Quality is guaranteed for all our fire protection equipment and services.

Fire Protection Service

Aegis Safe specialises in fire protection services and has a proven track record in design, supply, installation and commissioning of all types of fire protection systems.

We are committed to quality assurance which is an attitude that is embodied by each of all employees from management through to our apprentices. We strive to provide the best possible fire protection services and fire protection products to all of our clients.

Fire protection services and rectification works are a difficult and sometimes overwhelming area of business for strata managers, building owners and body corporates. Aegis Safe can assist you in this area in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

With more than ten years of experience within the fire protection services industry, our directors management, staff and fire protection service technicans and tradesmen know the fire protection industry inside out. Each person has a comprehensive knowledge of fire protection services Australian Standards and relevant sections of the BCA. We provide high quality fire protection service for all types of properties –residential, commercial and industrial.

Aegis Safe offer a comprehensive range of quality fire protection services and solutions including fire doors, fire detection, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire hydrants, hose reels, extinguishers, emergency lighting, exit lighting and more. Our fire protection solutions are thoroughly tested and assured.

Aegis Safe are a leading provider of commercial, industrial and high-rise residential fire protection services. We can help with fire protection equipment inspection, installation, and maintenance as well as certification services and annual fire safety statements.

We specialise in all forms of essential services including:

  • Fire protection services
  • Fire protection maintenance
  • Fire protection certification
  • Fire protection design
  • Fire protection installation

Aegis Safe Fire Protection Company Goals

Our goal is to provide high quality fire protection services and ensure that the requirements of the Australian standards and Building Codes are met and maintained to provide fire protection to your property. Our employees seek to provide you with professional advice and exceptional customer service at all times.

Aegis Safe offer a range of essential fire protection services. With a focus on high quality product installation, service, testing and maintenance, Aegis Safe can provide a complete solution for your fire protection needs. Having Aegis Safe take care of the fire safety testing for you eliminates this risk. Protect your business or property today with our fire extinguisher service Sydney.

Fire Protection Services – Installation

  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarms
  • Vesda systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Occupant Warning Systems
  • Exit & Emergency Lights
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Maintenance & Testing
  • Preparation of Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Occupant Warning Systems
  • Exit & Emergency Lights
  • Gas Suppression systems
  • Other Services
  • Fire Order Compliances
  • BCA audits

Fire Protection Service Benefits

  • Commitment to provide you excellent customer service
  • Commitment to your needs
  • 7 day servicing
  • Prompt response times to your requests
  • Assistance with tailoring service agreements, essential services & life safety requirements
  • Complete compliance audits
  • Design of your essential services

We will also check:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit signs
  • Fire doors
  • Fire hydrant systems
  • Fire shutters
  • Fire hose reel systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors and heat detectors
  • Fire sprinkler and drencher systems

Aegis Safe will also provide assessments and your Annual fire safety statement certification for newly built buildings and older buildings with insufficien. Please contact us for more info.

Aegis Safe specialises in providing fire protection services to the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding suburbs. We are a locally owned company providing superior sales and fire protection services to local businesses, strata and individuals.

Aegis Safe are committed to providing you with high quality and prompt fire protection services to give you the satisfaction that your fire protection service needs have been met. Aegis Safe has been built on good service and relationship partnering that includes a strong, trustworthy reputation for quality and reliability. One of our major assets is a friendly experienced team of professionals who have served the fire protection industry for many years.

Fire protection services background

Fire protection is the practice of reducing or removing the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires. It involves the study of the suppression and investigation of fire and its related emergencies, as well as the research and development, production, testing and application of fire protection systems. In structures, whether they are land-based, offshore or even ships, the owners and operators are responsible to maintain their facilities and fire protection systems in accordance with laws, regulations and their design basis.

Buildings must be constructed in accordance building codes that are in effect when an application for a building permit is made. Building inspectors check on compliance of a building during the construction with these building codes. Once construction is complete, a building must be maintained in accordance with the current Australian Standards and building codes. These are enforced by the fire prevention officers of the local fire department and council. In the event of a fire emergency, firefighters, fire investigators, and other fire prevention personnel are called to, investigate and learn from the damage the fire has caused. Lessons learned from fires are then applied to the authoring of both building codes and Australian Standards.

When deciding on what fire protection is appropriate for any given situation, it is important to assess the types of fire hazard that may be faced and the environment.

Make sure your fire systems are safe and compliant today!

Our fire services are designed to protect you and save you time, money and effort.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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Your safety and peace of mind is our objective. Aegis Safe has been helping our clients protect their staff and property with our full range of comprehensive fire protection solutions since 2009. We specialise in installing, inspecting, testing, diagnosing and repairing fire protection systems.

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