Fire Extinguisher Safety #11: Hose Drag Test

The main target of Hose drag and hold test is the upper and lower body muscle strength and stamina of the firefighter. The task is to drag a 38mm hose for 10m to a designated 1m by 1m marked square. While standing on the square, you must target to two different targets and close the valve.

In order to pass, you must be able to transfer the hose for 10 meters and hit your targets for the required time. Proper handling and posture must be followed at all times.

Firefighting is a physically draining job. An applicant must undergo a standard physical fitness test before being accepted. The Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) is the guide in evaluating the candidates if they have the necessary physical capability to react during the call of duty in a proper way. The PAT reenacts actual firefighting scenarios to fully prepare candidate for the job.

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