3 Ways To Improve Workplace Safety – Fire & Electrical

Ever experienced that tingling feeling when stepping into your workplace? Is your gut telling you that something isn’t in place or not quite right?

You should always turn your anxieties into action whenever you have these “alarm bells” ringing inside your head.

You need to be aware of these warning signs and take necessary steps to fix them. You could save your live, as well as your colleagues’ lives with your actions.

1. Malfunctioning Emergency Lighting And Exit Signs

Emergency and exits lights are no mere ornaments, even if they feel like an omnipresent feature of office lighting.

Their importance becomes underlined only during the occurrence of an adverse event. However, by that time, a person’s life could be lost or saved due to emergency lighting.

Every 6 months, a 90-minute discharge test is held for emergency and exit lights. To undergo such an examination, it’s crucial to contact a professional specialising in emergency lighting and exit light testing.

Replacing or repairing the light globes may seem like an easy fix to your system. However, the long-term assurance and reliability that it will work during an emergency is the most crucial element here.

Emergency Light Safety Testing

2. Lack Of Or Outdated Fire Extinguishers

During a fire, fire extinguishers are the most important go-to equipment. The difference between a minor mishap and a major disaster depends on how promptly the fire is put under control. Fires can very well result in major damage and death.

Fire and Safety Australia states that, if the fire extinguisher is promptly utilized to combat the fire then up to 95% of fires can be extinguished.

Therefore, should the worst happen, it’s crucial that your workplace has ready and functioning fire extinguishers that can be used immediately..

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) states that, every 6 months, a trained fire extinguisher testing professional should carry out fire extinguisher tests. This is a compulsory exercise for fulfilling Australian workplace safety standards.

Fire Extinguisher Testing Safety

3. Faulty Power Points

No matter wherever you are, electrical safety is of great importance.

You should contact an expert for an Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test whenever your workplace displays unsettling signs of damage. This process enables you to avoid any kind of electrical injury and shock by examining your power points and electrical installations.

Whenever someone comes in contact with an active yet faulty electrical installation, they may experience severe electric shock, which subsequently can result in a serious injury or death.

The earth fault loop impedance test is mandatory for workplaces owing to the severity of the situation and to comply with BCA regulations.

So, it’s high time your organization stops being vulnerable to safety and health risks.

These steps will help prevent detrimental situations, and also reduce the subsequent consequences like legal issues, financial compensation, reputation damages, or worse, injury or death.

Make sure your fire systems are safe and compliant today!

Our fire services are designed to protect you and save you time, money and effort.

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