Emergency And Exit Light Testing

You need to have clear evacuation strategies in place for emergencies if your business is based in a building. Emergency exit light testing should be done regularly to make sure your building is kept to standards…

  • Exit light testing and emergency light testing will help ensure your business has a clear exit path in place in case of an emergency.
  • Evacuation lighting is essential during fires, blackouts and electrical failure.
  • The chances of your staff avoiding any harm can be reduced by a clearly lit path.

We are a team of trained fire safety testing technicians at Aegis Safe. We can maintain safety in your building and inspect your emergency and exit light system. Go ahead and ask us to visit your workplace today.

You can access emergency light maintenance at your convenience with our mobile exit light testing service.

Emergency Light System Requirements

  • An emergency lighting system must be installed where a storey has a floor space of more than 300m2, according to the Building Code of Australia.
  • Any room that has a floor space more than 100m2, does not open to a hallway, and every hallway that is part of an evacuation path must have the system installed.
  • Doors that lead to any required exits or roads/open space must have clearly visible exit signs installed.

You can take a look at the code for more information regarding building compliance and exit and emergency light testing or contact one of our team members to discuss your obligations. Emergency exit signs requirements must be met all the time to comply to the governmetn set standards.

Emergency and Exit Light Testing

How Often Do I Need An Exit And Emergency Light Testing?

Inspections of all emergency luminaries and exit signs to be conducted at 6-monthly intervals, to comply with the AS2293.2 standard for emergency and exit light Testing & inspection. A trained individual must test and replace any defective lights during the inspection.

For a duration of 90 minutes, a technician will turn the battery charger off and simulate a power outage for each device during a discharge test.

Every emergency light or exit sign must be tested per emergency exit signs standards. There should be an inspection and cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces along with another test every 12 months and the regular 6-monthly tests. Fire emergency exit signs are equally as important as other fire equipments required by the council.

You could be unaware of potential power failures in your system without a formal discharge test. Instead of simply replacing the battery on your own, it is important that you hire a professional to test your system. Proper installation of electrical emergency lightings and exits is an important aspect of fire protection.

A thorough inspection and compliance with the current safety standards by a trained technician will help identify any faults in your lighting system.

Why Should I Choose Aegis Safe For Emergency And Exit Light Testing?

We have a team of specialists in emergency exit light testing & exit light testing.

You will receive a detailed testing report for each checked device when you use one of our technicians.

Our ongoing support and excellent service team will help your business remain compliant with Australian safe working standards.  You can also utilize the option to receive notifications regarding your next scheduled emergency and exit light session.

Exit Light Testing

Exit Light Testing And Globe Replacement

Emergency exit light testing and replacement of any broken globes can be performed by a member of our fire safety testing team.  AS2293.2 standard states that any faulty lamps should be replaced during the 6-monthly inspection.

Our technicians can provide information about energy efficient replacement globes.  Energy efficient luminaries offer reduced lighting costs and decreased effect on the environment when replacing incandescent globes.

An incandescent utilizes a wire filament. Phased out in Australia since 2007, there is a chance that some of these are left in your building.

Modern alternatives are significantly more efficient than an incandescent light bulb. find out more about your energy efficient light replacement options by enquiring today. You can have glowing emergency exit signs for better visibility.

Update your lighting system today with the help of an Aegis Safe technician.

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