7 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher


7 Litre Wet Chemical fire extinguisher has been designed to extinguish fires on a range of kitchen fires for cooking oil (lard, olive oil, maize oil, butter) and fat fires. The 7 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher contains a liquid extinguishing agent that is very effective in quickly extinguishing a fire. When the wet chemical is discharged it has a soap like solution that seals the surface to prevent the fire re-igniting. This 7 Litre Wet chemical fire extinguishers should never be used on electrical equipment. 7 Litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is a Global Mark Certified Product and Approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.3.


Includes: 1 x 7 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 1 x Wall Bracket, 1 x Maintenance Test Tag

Availability: Some restrictions apply.  See Availability section below for more details.

    • Add the 2 signs required for installation
    • Inspect then stamp the maintenance tag


Our 7 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is:

  • Certified and Approved to Australian Standards
  • Brand New
  • 12 Month Warranty

General information

Our 7 Litre Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher now comes with a red powder coated handle. The handle is different to the product image above.

Additional information

Weight 11.6 kg


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