Fire Services Cronulla NSW

Fire Services Cronulla NSW

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South Sydney Fire Services and Equipment

We will ensure that your business or building has the right fire safety equipment and fire protection system in place for the Sydney region as well as Cronulla and Sutherland.  We are a leading provider of fire safety services and fire protection services.  We make it easy for you to buy the right fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.  We can install, test, inspect and maintain all of your fire equipment and provide fire safety certificates and annual fire safety statements.

Contact us for the following fire safety services and products in Sydney:

  • Fire extinguishers testing, inspections and maintenance
  • 6 monthly and 12 monthly fire safety inspections and certificates
  • Buy fire extinguishers, fire blankets, hose reels and smoke alarms
  • Installation, testing and maintenance of smoke alarms and emergency exit lighting, sprinkler systems and smoke detection systems.
  • Inspection of your exit signs inside the buildings and the exit doors and assess their condition.
  • We can show you how to correclty use the fire extinguishers and fire blankets and in emergency situations.
  • We provide fire system testing, inspections and maintenance on a regular basis  to provide you with a suitable working condition of all fire equipment.
  • 6 monthly fire safety inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements and Certificates

Fire Services and Fire Safety Equipment South Sydney NSW

Aegis Safe

2/1 Surf Rd

Phone: (02) 8073 4623