Know if Repairs are Needed Before You Buy with a Building Inspection

All homes need repairs at some point. There is no such thing as a perfect home.  Even a home that is brand new may require repairs.  Basically, all the enveloping components of a house; the walls, floors, roof, windows and structural supports all have different life spans.   Most appliances nowadays will cease to function as soon as their warranties expire.  Therefore if you are out to find the perfect home that is flawless, you are never going to find it, you can stop your home searching pursuits right now because you will not find it.

Whether the home is old or new is of no real consequence to building inspections.  A building inspection can always turn up items that will need repairs or even replacement.  It is usually case though that an older property will have a longer list of repairs or replacement items. The main objective here is figuring out the serious repairs or better still safety issues which will determine whether the buyer’s repair requests will be honored by the seller.

Services of building inspection professionals

  • Building inspection reports are a good tool to make the seller negotiate and also listen to your request for repairs before purchase.  Sellers are likely to be agreeable to make repairs if there are deficiencies that are stated in the building inspection report.
  • As a buyer you should have an independent building inspector which is professional, accredited and qualified to do the building inspection prior to buying a home. Some states certify and licence building inspectors. However, the best building inspectors are always those who have completed residential building inspector’s license and have at least a few thousand building inspections worth of experiece.
  • You should never use services of unqualified people to do you building inspection. This is because they can easily miss the defects that the professional licensed and experienced building inspector will detect . Furthermore the seller mostly likely will not accept an unprofessional opinion.

Repairs or cash credit

As a buyer you can also ask for cash credit on repair items, instead of requesting the seller to do the repairs or replacements.  Furthermore, the seller no longer has a vested interest in the property when its sold. The seller, if given a chance to make the repairs will mostly likely hire the cheapest contractor and not the best qualified contractor for the repair or replacement work.  In order to ensure satisfactory results for this work is often better to organise any building repairs yourself after you buy. Check with the lender to see if a cash credit is acceptable before asking for it.

Closing tips

Unless the home is new it is not worth nit-picking small items.  You should ensure that you address and concentrate on the major issues as well as safety issues. In addition, you should not make repair requests on items you can readily ascertain on initial inspection like bad paint jobs, cracked sidewalk or even unleveled floors. This may make the seller feel like the items should have been asked in your purchase offer.

Smart buyers ask the seller to pay for home warranty. These warranties cover major defects and also provide you as the buyer with the much needed peace of mind.

In conclusion, if you find that the home has foundation problems or even wet basement, then you need to be careful about going forward with the purchase.


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