How to avoid one of the biggest real estate mistakes

Not getting a professional building and pest inspection is one of the biggest real estate mistakes. This video takes you through why you should get a building and pest inspection before you buy your home.

HGTV counts down the 25 biggest real estate mistakes and lists not getting a professional building and pest inspection as one of the biggest.  Having a professional building and pest inspector examine the home could save you from making the biggest financial mistake of your life.

Video Transcription:

We’re counting down the biggest real estate mistakes that we all make getting closer to our number one mistake but first this mistake can cost you money and heartache.

Coming in at number five is not getting a professional building inspection. I have a lot of people ask me should I get my house professionally inspected before I buy. We love the home and I want to save myself a couple hundred bucks by not getting it inspected. There are a lot of things that a building inspection can reveal about a property that are not visible to the untrained eye.

“we have some termite damage to some of the sills”.

The average client spends 15 minutes or less before they make a decision on a home. Most of the issues that we look at from a building inspection literally take several hours to cover all of it and this is with train eyes. Remember that people are showcasing their homes when they try to sell so if there is a leak in the roof people might have done a band aid job and patched up the ceiling so you possibly can’t tell that there is a problem up there.

My husband and I found this beautiful country home, we made an offer and we hired a professional building inspector. There was enough rot in the back of the house that it was going to fall apart someday and we would’ve never know if we didn’t have a building inspector. He really saved us from making the biggest financial mistake of our lives. You need to hire somebody that comes with a good referral basis, someone who has been in the business for awhile as they know what to look for. I strongly suggest that the client look up the society for building inspectors and you only use a qualified building inspector for your area. When you hire a building inspection make sure that it’s a written report. Building inspectors will go to places that can’t be seen. You should never, ever buy a house without using a professional building inspector. A good building inspector is worth their weight in gold, so don’t skip the building inspection but do invest the money and hire a professional building inspector.

What is a building and pest inspectionWhat is a building inspection?

A building inspection is a visual inspection of a home that is made by a qualified professional.  A building inspector is trained, licensed and has the knowledge and experience to evaluate all of the component of a house.  They are able to give clear and accurate assessments of the condition of these components. A building inspection is strictly a visual inspection as dictated by the Australian Standards. Further inspections can be obtained on request that may involve more intrusive measures like removing wall sheeting, drilling and digging. When the building inspector has completed the inspection they will walk around the house with you and deliver all of their findings and answer any questions you may have.  Later they will submit a written building inspection report.

The primary goal of our building inspections is to clearly identify if the home contains any potential significant defects and give you an indication of repair costs.  Our building inspections will also clearly identify any areas of the home that are in need of repairs.  We will also indicate if there are any components that may need replacing or repairs. It will identify if there are any secondary, finishing elements that require work which is useful for the buyer to set up their maintenance budget.

A typical building inspection can be separated into three distinct areas:

•           The building inspection

•           The delivery of the findings on site

•           The building inspection report

Our quality building inspections will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your potential purchase. You will be able to walk away from the building inspection knowing if there are any immediate major issues, if any items require maintenance or repair and the general condition of the home.

How to prepare to get the best out of the building inspection and pest inspection

Gather Any Information You Can About The Home

Before the building and pest inspection you should gather as much information as you can about the home, that may be useful to the inspector and give this to them at the inspection. This information could include the year the house was built, the plans, council services history and other important information.  You should try to get a copy of the Seller’s Disclosure Statement as it can be helpful in trying to establish historical continuity.  If you can you should also try and get a copy of any previous building inspections and details of previous pest management. The more information that the building inspector has regarding the property the better.

Prepare Questions for the Inspector

You should make a list of any concerns or questions you have about the house. When the inspector has finished with his inspection of the property it is a perfect time for you to ask him about any questions you may have.

Take Notes – Be sure to bring something to the inspection to take notes with. Your inspector will be able to share valuable insights about your home and it would be very beneficial for you to take notes on this. You may also wish to record measurements of garage size, heights as well as room sizes and floor layouts.

Consider Special Tests – In addition to a standard building inspection you can also get special purpose testing and reports for specific concerns or for certain specific areas. Some examples of this are intrusive tests that remove wall sheeting as well as asbestos testing. We are able to coordinate any additional testing that you request.

5 Essentials on a Building Inspection Checklist

There are a variety of situations where you will benefit from having one of our professional building inspectors carry our an inspection on your home. Whether you’re considering purchasing a home, selling a home or planning a home renovation project, a building inspection can be valuable.

By covering the five main areas on a building inspection checklist the building inspector will provide you with the information that you need to be able to make an informed decision.  These areas are:

1.   Exterior

2.   Interior

3.   Kitchen/Bathroom

4.   Roof space

5.   Subfloor space

Other resources:

Building Inspection Procedures:

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