55 Litre Garden Sprayer Lawn Weed Deluxe



  • UV stabilised poly tank.
  • Reliable 7.5L/min 60psi pump ideal for spot spraying.
  • Metal spray lance with adjustable nozzle for range of spraying options.
  • Fitted with pressure regulator and gauge for controlled spraying.
  • Extremely versatile – use for any spraying application.
  • Powerjet spray gun with adjustable brass nozzle for accurate spot spraying.
  • Easy cleaning tank design with drain plug.
  • 12 Month Warranty

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55 Litre 12 Volt Garden Sprayer Deluxe


  • 7.5L/min 60psi USA manufactured pump DELAVAN chemical grade spray pump with inbuilt pressure switch and economy lance.
  • Economy metal spray gun with adjustable nozzle. Overall length 850mm.
  • Spray gun clips for easy and safe storage
  • Lid saver lanyard connects lid to tank to protect from accidental loss
  • 4.5 metres of chemical grade spray hose
  • Hose wrap facility for storage of hose during transit
  • 2.4 metre electrical cables with in line power switch and battery terminal clips
  • Drain plug in tank for easy cleaning
  • Extremely versatile – use for any spraying application
  • Spare parts available for all sprayers and booms
  • Some assembly required
  • Safe with Herbicides, Pesticides and Fungicides.


  • Reduced chemical use through accurate pressure control saves you money!
  • Selective spray pattern for a perfect kill without waste.
  • Quick cleaning with our easy flow drainage system – simply rinse and tilt  to drain. Saves water, saves time!

Dimensions of this 55 Litre Sprayer 12V with Tank are:

  • Length: 865 mm
  • Width: 390 mm
  • Height: 345 mm

55 litre 12V Garden Sprayer Tank Warranty:

  • 12 Month Warranty on Tank, Pump and Motor
  • Full manufacturers warranty and parts support

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55 Litre Sprayer 12V Poly Tank


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