Property Inspections and Reports


Property Inspections and Reports

Construction and Building Advice

Whether it is during construction or prior to construction, we can advise on most building matters within an existing building or property.  We can also assist with building contracts and helpful advice prior to signing with a builder.

What is a Maintenance Report?

We can provide you with an estimate based upon the remaining life of all key materials and allows you to more accurately plan for future expenditure without the bad news of unexpected special levies.

Boundary Survey Reports

A Survey Report can maximise the area that belongs to you.  Our onsite investigation includes identifying if survey markers are present, GPS boundary points and numerous site measurements.  Remove the risk of a very expensive problem in the future!

Dilapidation Reports

A qualified and experienced building inspector or structural engineer will conduct an initial inspection prior to works commencing, to record any existing cracks or structural defects. This report can then be used at a later date if a dispute develops about the detrimental effects caused by work on a nearby property.

Planning a Renovation?

A Renovation Report checks that all work completed meets with contract requirements. Our Building Inspections answer any questions you may have about the condition of the house you plan to upgrade.

Depreciation Schedule

A depreciation schedule will be necessary to maximise your allowable tax deductions on any property that you own as an investment.


Why are Property Inspections and Reports Important?

Property Reports and InspectionsBuying a home can be a huge decision – even more so in Brisbane and the Gold Coast where the choices can be overwhelming.

We can help eliminate the risk when buying a home or investment property. We help you to avoid unexpected costs and, most importantly, we ensure that the property is safe for you and your family.

Our Building and pest inspections are carried out to the highest standards and our reports clearly indicate the condition of the property and any issues that you may need to know about before you consider a purchase.

Let us help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life with confidence! Contact Aegis Building Inspections today.

We service the Gold Coast and Brisbane area.







“Aegis Building Inspections conducted a building and pest inspection for us when we were looking to buy our first home. Because of the inspection we managed to get the asking price lowered by a considerable amount. It was a pretty overwhelming time for us, but their friendly attitude and advice helped make the decision to buy a lot easier!”

– Laura Anderson



“We weren’t aware that we needed to have a pool inspection done when we sold our home. We were referred to Aegis Building Inspection who inpsected our pool and gave us some great advice. We were able to get the pool up to safety standards without it costing us a fortune. Thanks Aegis!”

– Elizabeth Grosh