Pool Safety Inspections Tip #18: CPR Signs

A cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign must be clearly and conspicuously displayed near the pool. The sign must comply with the Australian Resuscitation Council’s Guideline 7—cardiopulmonary resuscitation, be at least 300 millimetres by 300 millimetres in size, be made of a durable and weatherproof material and clearly state what do in an emergency (e.g. phone 000, ask for ambulance, stay with injured person, call for help and resuscitate).

Here is an example of a CPR sign that is compliant in pool safety inspections.

CPR sign requirements for pool safety inspections

















We can supply you with a CPR sign if you need a replacement.  If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast we can bring out the sign at the time of the pool safety inspection.  If you do require a CPR sign please give us at least 2 weeks notice.  Our inspectors can fit the CPR sign when they are pre inspecting the pool.

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