Pool Safety Inspection Laws Are Saving Children’s Lives

The current pool safety laws commenced on 1 December 2010.  They are aimed at preventing children under five years of age from drowning in swimming pools. Since the introduction of these laws, three young children have lost their lives in swimming pools in a 19-month period. By comparison, 12 young children drowned in the 17 months prior to 1 December 2010.
In 2010–11 two reported deaths of young children were caused by drownings in domestic swimming pools. This is the lowest number of pool drownings for one to four year olds since 2004–05, which also recorded two deaths (source Annual Report: Deaths of children and young people, Queensland, 2010–2012).  In 2011–12, the department was notified of one young child drowning in a domestic swimming pool. This early data indicates the laws are effective in saving young children’s lives.

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