Pool Safety Inspections Video 02 – Background Info

This video contains information about the background of the pool safety laws and regulations.

A swimming pool is a structure that is capable of  being filled with 30cm or more of water and is solely or principally used for the purpose of swimming, wading, paddling or other aquatic activities.  This includes:

  • concrete swimming pools
  • fibreglass swimming pools
  • inflatable swimming pools
  • wading pools
  • above ground pools
  • spas

According to the Swimming Pools Act 1992: all swimming pools must be surrounded by a child resistant barrier.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the fence is installed, maintained and remains in good condition.  Some of the most common faults with swimming pool fences will be discussed in following pool safety videos along with what you should know about pool fencing.

The legislation that’s referred to in these videos is:

  • The Swimming Pools Act 1992 (NSW)
  • Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 (NSW)
  • Australian Standards 1926.1 2007 – Swimming Pool Safety
  • Part 1: Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
  • Australian Standards 2610.1 1993 Spa Pools – Public Spas
  • Australian Standards 2610.2 2007 Spa Pools – Private Spas

Please be aware that pool fencing legislation is different in all the States and Territories in Australia and these videos relate to NSW only.

For more information regarding pool safety inspections qld please go to our main pool safety inspection service page.

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