Pool Safety Inspections Tip #3: Pool Safety Standard

The pool safety standard is the minimum requirements that a swimming pool barrier must meet to comply with Queensland current law. In Queensland the pool safety standard is the QDC, part MP3.4 and the Australian Standards 1926–2007 parts 1 and 2 as modified by the QDC. Note: Later versions of the Australian Standard do not apply in Queensland unless they are adopted by a new version of the QDC.

A pool owner’s pool fence must comply with the pool safety standard by 30 November 2015 or earlier if they sell or lease their property. The new pool safety standard replaces all the pool safety standards that previously applied to swimming pools.

For further details, please refer to the pool safety standard, which is available on the department’s website www.dlgp.qld.gov.au.

To prove that the pool owner’s pool fence is compliant they must have a pool safety inspection and be issued with a pool safety certificate.  If you are in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area and require a pool safety inspection or a pool safety certificate contact us today.

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  1. Mary Realms on June 9, 2012 at 8:47 am

    It is important for the people to follow such standards in building a pool fence. In this manner, accidents that cost the life of the children will be reduced.

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