Pool Safety Inspections Tip #20: Pool Safety Certificates

A pool safety certificate is an approved form advising a person that a swimming pool described on the form, has been inspected by a licensed pool safety inspector, and at the time of inspection the pool complied with the pool safety standard. A pool safety certificate can only be issued by a licensed pool safety inspector.

Pool safety certificates are only required when selling, buying, leasing or entering into another type of accommodation agreement for a property with a pool. Certificates are valid for 1 year for shared pools and 2 years for non-shared pools, regardless of how many times the property is re-sold or re-leased during this period. Once a certificate expires, a new certificate is not required unless the property is sold or leased again.

For shared pools, the pool owner (e.g. body corporate) is responsible for obtaining the pool safety certificate and making it available to unit owners. It is not necessary for every unit owner to obtain a separate pool safety certificate for the same shared pool.

Local governments have the authority to cancel a pool safety certificate if they believe the pool does not comply with the pool safety standard. If a certificate is cancelled, a new certificate will be required when the property is sold or leased.

To obtain a pool safety certificate a pool owner will need to engage a licensed pool safety inspector to inspect the pool against the pool safety standard.  If you are in the Brisbane or Gold Coast regions contact us to arrange your pool safety inspection.

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