Pool Safety Inspections Tip #19: Pool Safety Register

All pools in Queensland need to be registered by 4 November 2011. There is no charge for registering your pool on the register. However failure to register your pool can incur a fine of up to $2000.

Local governments provided data about swimming pools in their respective areas. Subsequently many pools were registered without any action required by owners.

To check if your pool is registered, simply conduct a property search on the pool register.

 Go to the pool safety register website at www.dlgp.qld.gov.au/poolsafetyregister

 Click on ‘Search for a property’s pool safety certificate’

 Enter your property details. The register will validate the address and will advise if the pool is registered and if there is a valid pool safety certificate for the property.

 If no pools are recorded against the property, click on ‘request the Pool Safety Council add this location to the register’ and enter the number of pools and spas located on the property.

If the pool is correctly registered a pool owner is not required to do anything further unless they sell or lease their property, at which time they will need to obtain a pool safety certificate that will also attached to the property on the register once it is issued by a pool safety inspector.

If you need any help registering your pool on the pool safety register we can help.  If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast we can register your pool for you when you book in a pool safety inspection.

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