Pool Safety Inspections Tip #2: Existing Pools

Home owner’s that have an existing pool have until 30 Nov 2015 to comply with the new pool safety laws, or earlier if they choose to sell or lease their property before this time.

The key changes under these new laws are:

  • Replacing 11 different pool safety standards with one pool safety standard that covers all pools.
  • A wider application of pool safety laws to include all pools and indoor pools associated with hotels and motels as well as caretaker residences, backpackers, caravan parks, mobile home parks, hostels and home-stays.
  • A phase out of child-resistant (self-closing and self-latching) doors that are used as a pool barrier for existing pools.
  • A requirement for the latest CPR sign as prescribed by the Australian Resuscitation Council to be displayed near each pool.
  • The fencing of all spas and portable spas that are capable of being filled with at least 300mm of water.

If you are based on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and have any questions regarding the key changes to the pool safety laws for existing pool owners please contact us.

Pool safety inspections have been introduced to help reduce child drowning incidents in qld.  If you are based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and require a pool safety inspection or a pool safety certificate please call to arrange a pool inspection.  Having your pool inspected could help save a child’s life.


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