Pool Safety Inspection: Pool Safety Council auditing program

The Pool Safety Council has developed a statewide auditing program to help ensure Pool Safety Inspectors maintain a high standard of ethical and professional conduct in performing pool safety inspection functions.
Audits will be conducted on a regional basis. All licensed Pool Safety Inspectors in a region will be expected to participate in the auditing process.  Pool Safety Inspectors will be contacted by the Pool Safety Council via email regarding the details of when and where the audit will take place. An audit will generally take half an hour during which time Pool Safety Inspectors will be assessed on different aspects of the pool laws, such as their knowledge of legislative requirements and the code of conduct. Pool Safety Inspectors may be requested to produce documentation relating to their pool safety inspection functions. A Pool Safety Inspector is obliged under section 246CP of the BA to comply with this request unless they have a reasonable excuse.

All of Aegis Building Inspections’ pool safety inspections are performed to australian standards as well as the qld pool safety laws and regulations.  We are a professional property inspection business the caters for all types of home inspections including building and pest inspections, pool inspections, pre-purchase termite inspections and more.  We service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan.  To book your pool inspection call (07) 3103 3393.

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