Pool Safety Inspection: Pool Inspectors conflict of interest

To date, the Pool Safety Council has examined a number of allegations about Pool Safety Inspectors with potential conflicts of interest. Many of these matters have resulted in disciplinary action for the Pool Safety Inspector for breaches of the BA and the code of conduct for Pool Safety Inspectors. Such action has included fines ranging from $300 to $400 and official reprimands.
It is the responsibility of all Pool Safety Inspectors to ensure that they do not perform pool safety inspection functions where a conflict of interest may exist.

A pool safety inspection function includes any of the following:
• inspecting a regulated pool to decide whether to issue a pool safety certificate
• carrying out minor repairs arising from an inspection of the pool
• issuing a pool safety certificate
• issuing a nonconformity notice.

Some examples of potential conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, the Pool Safety Inspector:
• inspecting work (other than minor repairs) that they have carried out themselves
• inspecting a property they own or lease
• inspecting a property owned or leased by a family member of the Pool Safety Inspector
• having a direct or indirect pecuniary (financial or economic) interest in a building on the subject land.

Should a Pool Safety Inspector have any concerns about a potential conflict of interest, they should contact the Pool Safety Council.

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