Pool Safety Council investigations of pool safety inspectors July 2012

Pool safety inspections – recent investigations by the pool safety council

Since the last Newsplash in May 2012, the Pool Safety Council has inalised 28 complaints about pool safety inspectors (PSIs). The Pool Safety Council decided to:

  • take no further action in nine cases
  • impose monetary fines in ten cases
  • refer two investigations to the relevant authority for action
  • formally reprimand three Pool Safety Inspectors
  • suspend the licence of one Pool Safety Inspector
  • impose monetary fines and issue demerit points in one case
  • issue an advisory notice to one Pool Safety Inspector

The following three cases are recent examples of complaints dealt with by the Pool Safety Council.

  • Case Study 1 – The Pool Safety Inspector issued pool safety certificates for two properties in circumstances here the Pool Safety Inspector could not have been reasonably satisfied that the pool was a complying pool. In one instance, the swimming pool did not have an isolating pool barrier and direct access from the house to the pool area was provided through a child-resistant doorset. The Pool Safety Inspector failed to retain any photographs or notes from both inspections. The Pool Safety Council suspended the Pool Safety Inspector’s licence for one year.
  • Case Study 2 -The Pool Safety Inspector failed to issue a nonconformity notice for a noncompliant pool within two business days ater the inspection. In addition, the Pool Safety Inspector failed to reinspect the pool within five days of being asked to do so by the pool owner. The Pool Safety Council imposed a monetary fine and allocated four demerit points.
  • Case Study 3 – The Pool Safety Inspector misinterpreted the application of the reinspection period and purported to verbally ‘extend’ the reinspection period as a result. Further, the Pool Safety Inspector inspected a property on three occasions and failed to issue a nonconformity notice ater two of these inspections despite finding the pool barrier did not comply with the pool safety standard. The Pool Safety Council imposed a reduced monetary fine, taking into account that the Pool Safety Inspector co-operated with the investigation and was otherwise diligent and reasonable in performing their pool safety inspection functions.
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