What is a pre-purchase building inspection report?

Before you buy a home it is essential to know as much as you can about the condition of the property in order to avoid problems and extra costs down the track.  The best way of doing this is to get a pre–purchase building inspection report – commonly known as a building inspection. The following information explains what you need to know about building inspections.

So what is a pre-purchase building inspection report?

It’s one of the different types of building inspection reports you can get done. As the name says, this building inspection report is the one you get before you buy a property. Sometimes referred to as a ‘standard property report’, a pre–purchase building inspection report is a written account of the current condition of a property. It will tell you about any significant building defects or problems such as structural issues, movement in the walls (cracking), rising damp, safety hazards or a whether the property has a faulty roof, just to name a few. It is usually carried out before you finalise the sale contracts so you can identify any problems with the property which, if left unchecked, could prove costly to repair.

Note: A building inspection report is different to a pest inspection report. While a building inspection report should identify any visual damage that may have been caused by termites, it usually won’t include the existence of termites or other timber destroying pests. It is always advisable to get a separate pest inspection report done before you buy a property.

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