Fire Extinguisher Safety #06: Do A Home Fire Safety Audit

Undergoing a  Home Fire Safety Audit will help you pinpoint the different fire hazards in your home.  A list of simple questions about your house and your activities will help determine your own  fire prevention and safety for your  home.  Storing your answers for  easily retrieval for future usage to determine  your improvement against fire from occurring in your own home. The average fire audit test can be done  easily and  quickly but  the benefits can help save life and property.


Aegis Building Inspections

Aegis Building Inspections  are the leading  Fire Safety Inspection and Certification business in Sydney.  If you are looking to buy portable fire extinguishers and other fire safety products at unbeatable prices call us today.   We can provide you with your annual fire safety statement and make sure that your all your portable fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire signs and fire safety requirements are satisfied. Buy a fire extinguisher and have it installed today at the lowest price.

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