Everything you need to know about Building Inspections

What is a building inspection?

The visual inspection of the components and structure of a house is known as a building inspection. This inspection is typically conducted to find out if any components or items are not performing well and are unsafe for the building. When problems or symptoms of problem are identified in a building, the inspector will classify this item into a specific category of the building inspection report.  The building inspector will add his verdict, advice and recommendations to the report and ask the client if they would like a further investigation and evaluation of the matter. Once the inspection is finished, it is your responsibility to decide whether you would like the repairs to take place before the purchase or at a later date and who is going to be responsible for the costs associated with the building repairs.

Why is a building inspection important?

Everything that you should know about building inspections

Emotions are undeniably the biggest enemy of homebuyers when they are involved in the difficult task of purchasing a new home. It can significantly affect their decision making process and how they deal with identify and solving any problems associated with the home they are looking to purchase. It is essential for the purchaser to opt for a building inspection before purchasing a new home in order to identify and recognize any physical problems associated with the house they are going to purchase. After the inspection is complete, you should avoid wasting time listening to the recommendations and advice of the seller’s agent. Instead, you should use the building inspection report to make a list of any things that will require serious attention or attention immediately and ask the seller to address the problems associated with building. Many homebuyers use the results of the inspection as a tool for re-negotiation and the building inspection report will make it much easier for the purchaser to negotiate with the seller.

What if the report reveals problems?

Needless to say, every house, even brand new homes will have some problems. You don’t need to worry about the fact that there are actually problems in the home.  It is more important to assess these problems correctly, as every problem comes with a specific repair cost and time frame for possible solutions. It is these points that really matter.  Some problems are minor and are cheap to fix or don’t need to be fixed for some time.  Sometimes you may simply need to fix a small component of an item, while sometimes you may need to replace the entire item. It is very important to seek assistance from a qualified building inspector when it comes to your inspecting your entire home. You will get an honest and profession opinion from our qualified building inspectors. The building inspection report they provide will suggest to you whether to purchase the house or not on the basis of the building inspection and the findings.

What does a building inspection include?

A building inspection includes an inspector’s written report that contains an evaluation of the condition of the house, it’s components and items that are installed in the house. The building inspection will review the present condition of the foundations, visible structures, subfloor, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, walls, visible insulation, roof void, external roof, electrical systems, interior plumbing and central air conditioning system. In certain situation our building inspectors and pest inspectors may decide to use additional equipment to aid their inspectional inspection like thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors.

What you should NOT expect from a building inspection?
  • You should never consider building inspection as a measure to prevent all future failures because problems like the break down of appliances and other house components will occur in future and is unavoidable. It is through a building inspection that you will come to know the current condition of the components. But, if you need protection for the future failures, then you may opt for home warranty insurance.
  • A building inspection cannot be considered as an appraisal that helps the purchaser to evaluate the cost of the home.
  • A building inspection cannot fully determine the future success of the home.

Should I attend the building inspection?

If you are opting for building inspection, then it will be beneficial for you to be with the building inspector during the process. He is the best person to explain and answer your questions regarding the property and the findings of the building inspection report. In this way you will gather knowledge about the new house you are going to purchase. You should try not to disturb the inspector throughout the entire inspection as he carries out his tasks; you should give him enough space and time so that he can review the house properly.  After he has finished the inspection he will be happy to walk around the property with you and discuss the findings and answer any question you might have.  Following the inspection the building inspector will provide you with a written building inspection report.

What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranty is a tool that protects the owner against the failure of any of the components of the house in future. When you face any of these kinds of problems all you will need to do is pay a fee to the warranty company and they will send out their own repairman. But, if you don’t opt for this solution, then get ready to pay for the services offered by external repair contractors.

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