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Building and Pest Inspections Gold Coast

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Why you should have a building and pest inspection before you buy a home in the Gold Coast

The cost of a building inspection is a small part of the overall cost of purchasing your dream home. Find out the property’s defects before you make your purchase. Through our pre-purchase building inspection you will find out if the home is actually what you are looking for, you may re-negotiate the price to allow for repairs if they are needed or you can even decide against the property if there are major issues that you don’t feel like taking on.

 Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

During our Gold Coast building inspections we search for evidence of pests, structural damage and sub-standard work. This will give you peace of mind about purchasing the property. We will uncover any hidden defects that can be costly to repair in the future. Our gold coast building inspections are independent and unbiased.

Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspectors

Highly qualified, experienced and accredited building inspectors will devote time and effort to provide you a comprehensive building inspection report that covers all aspects of the property.

Our Customer service

Our aim is to supply excellent customer service. We provide professional building advice, personal attention and a building inspection reports within 24 hours of completing the building inspection. Findings can be discussed on site so you have an understanding of any problems.

Building Inspection Report Confidentiality 

Our gold coast building and pest inspection reports are confidential and will be provided for you alone to see. We work only for you.

Building and Pest Inspection Pricing

Our pricing for building and pest inspections in the Gold Coast is fixed and there are no other costs involved.

Building Inspection Reports

The building inspection report contains an accurate, detailed, clear and easy to understand description of our findings. We can email, post or fax it to you. This has done to an Australian Standard for completed residential building inspections.

Building and Pest Inspection Guarantee

All of our building inspection special reports are 100% guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with our recommendations we will work to come up with another solution that you will be happy with.

Whether You Are Buying or selling

If you are buying or selling, make sure you don’t end up with nasty surprises. Before purchasing or advertising your property, check that it is safe, pest free and only needs the normal amount home maintenance.

Building Inspection Insurance

We have insurance cover for your protection that includes Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance providing more peace of mind.

After Sales Service

Following the building inspection we provide premium after sales service with explanations and recommendations about what needs to be done.

Easily Contactable

You can contact us 7 days a week till late. By phone, mobile, email, online enquiry, social media or send us a message and we will return your call. Contact us about an inspection today. Give yourself the best advantage when purchasing or selling your property.

Gold Coast Pest inspections

We also have pest inspectors to look for pests that can find pests that are invisible to the naked eye, both in the building and on the property.

Complete Gold Coast Building Inspections

When we inspect a building we look at all fences, building exterior, interior, sub-floor, roof exterior and roof voids. We look for sinking foundations, leaking pipes and poor drainage.

State of the Art Equipment Building Inspection Equipment

We use state of the art equipment in our building and pest inspections. Thermal images, moisture metres, video inspections, inspection probes and laser levels are used to present a comprehensive view of the property.

Issues That We Identify

We identify any structural problems, including subsidence on the land that can affect the building’s structural integrity. Poor workmanship is also identified so you know about any work that will need to be done in the future.

No surprises

We don’t want you to find any surprises after you buy your home. The last thing you want is to buy your dream home and it turns into a nightmare. You discover thousands of dollars worth of work needs to done on structural repairs or pest eradication. With a full and comprehensive inspection, you know exactly what extra costs will be required.

Peace of mind

We want you to have peace of mind and to know that you have done everything you can to make the right decision.