Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire Extinguisher Safety #10: Fire and Rescue NSW

November 7, 2012 /

Fire and Rescue New South Wales (NSW) goal is to protect the citizen, improve their defence against catastrophe and crisis from happenings on the public, nature and businesses of New South Wales. Fire and Rescue NSW’s is one of the biggest fire and rescue services that combat fire in the Area of NSW. Fire and…

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Fire Extinguisher Safety #09: Women firefighter for Fire and Rescue

November 6, 2012 /

The fire fighting profession has long been dominated by males but the times have change and women have become integral partners in the fire fighting programs of the state. Becoming a good firefighter must involve certain traits such as trustworthiness, dependability, quick thinking, physically fit, team player, helpful, effective communicator, hard worker, positive outlook and open…

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special job

Fire Extinguisher Safety #08: Fire and Rescue NSW Recruiting

November 5, 2012 /

A fire fighter is a special job that serves others while learning unique skills. It also carries a sense of pride, honor and respect of work for community which he serves. Hard work is synonymous to a fire-fighters task but with cooperation and teamwork even difficult task can be done quickly. A successful work can lead to a…

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Fire Safety Sprinkler Systems

Fire Extinguisher Safety Tip #01: Comparative Sprinkler Test Burns

October 10, 2012 /

Contact Aegis Safe for fire extinguishers and fire safety services in Sydney (02) 8005 7666 Sprinklers are one of the best ways to fight fire during the early stage so that it can help protect life and property. Sprinklers automatically detect fire and instantly suppress it from spreading to nearby areas. The sprinkler releases water to stop fire…

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