50 kg Dry Chemical Powder ABE Fire Extinguishers

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Protect your business today with this 50kg Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher ABE.  This mobile fire extinguisher is best suited for use in situations with an enhanced risk of large fires where the extra capacity of this fire fighting unit may be required. Features a heavy duty trolley and an extended discharge hose.


This 50kg Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher includes:

1 x 50kg Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
1 x Heavy Duty Trolley
1 x Maintenance Test Tag


    • 0 $Add the 2 signs required for installation
    • 0 $Inspect then stamp the maintenance tag

Product Description


Buy you 50kg ABE Dry Chemical Powder Mobile Fire extinguisher today and protect your business.  The extinguisher comes mounted on a trolley and is suitable for industrial and commercial environments that present a mixed fire risk. This 50 kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher offers a high fire performance extinguishing capability and is easy to use.  This fire extinguisher is often referred to as a 50kg trolley DCP ABE Fire Extinguisher.  The trolley unit allows this 50kg fire extinguisher to be operated by only one person and is suitable for areas with a high fire risk such as industrial facilities, mining operations, manufacturing plants and warehouses. This fire extinguisher be used on fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, paint, and even LPG, and can also be used on live electrical ,textiles, rubber and plastics.

Best suited for large size facilities and workshops where the risk of fire is of a high nature.

ABE Fire Extinguishers Manufactured to AS/NZ Standards 1841.5

50kg Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguishers are effective against fires involving:

  • Paper, Textiles, Wood, Plastics and Rubber
  • Petrol, Oil and Paints
  • LPG, CNG and Acetylene
  • Electrically Energized Equipment

Class A Ordinary Combustibles

Class B Flammable and combustible liquids

Class E Electrically energized equipment

The Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher contains dry chemical powder and is suitable for fighting fires involving flammable liquids and live electrical equipment.

The discharge period depends on the size of the extinguisher.  This is the largest in our range of Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers so has the longest discharge and is the most effective.

This fire extinguisher is a great multi-purpose fire extinguisher that is suited for use in industrial settings, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Can be used on fires involving flammable equipment fires, and ordinary combustibles like wood, textiles, rubber, plastics and paper. This is not your ideal fire extinguisher for diesel, or cooking oil hazards- use our mobile wet foam fire extinguisher instead

Rating: 50kg Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

  • Total height: 1050mm
  • Cylinder height: 900mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 300mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 2.35mm
  • Width wheel- wheel: 430mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 50mm
  • Hose length: 4 metres
  • Discharge time: >50 seconds
  • Discharge distance: 8 metres

The 50kg Dry Powder Fire extinguisher is best suited for environments that present a mixed fire risk. This fire extinguisher provides high performance fire protection and is easy to use. This dry chemical powder fire extinguisher trolley unit can be operated by just one person and is suitable in areas with a high risk of fire such as industrial facilities, mining companies, manufacturing plants and commercial warehouses. The unit can be used on fires including flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, paint, LPG and can also be used on live electrical equipment fires. Particularly effective on combustible materials like wood, paper, straw, textiles, rubber,and plastics.

A disadvantage of the Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher is that the discharge consists of a fine powder which may restrict vision. The powder may also be able to get inside electrical equipment and leave a residue. The residue can be vacuumed up when it’s dry. If the residue comes in contact with a very hot object it can form a film that is hard to remove. The Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher gives no protection against re-ignition of flammable liquid fires.

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